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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Stamina in IVAN is your player's capacity to perform strenuous actions.
Running, fighting, and blocking attacks are the primary means of using up stamina and using up too much stamina will cause the player to become exhausted or even start collapsing unconcious.

NPCs and monsters are also subject to stamina use, although the effects will never be immediately obvious or noticeable to the player.

The basics of Stamina

Base maximum stamina is your Endurance (END) stat multiplied by 10000.

  • To give some context, a basic action such as trying to attack an enemy consumes 10000 stamina divided by the strength of the limb you're attacking with. So, for example trying to punch a kobold with 10 ASTR would consume 1000 stamina points.

Stamina regenerates at all times so long as it is not at max.

  • It is faster if you are resting, and faster still if you are resting on certain furniture items such as a bed or couch. Despite messages suggesting otherwise, resting on uncomfortable objects such as a boulder or sign do not penalize your regeneration rate.
    • You also get a bonus to stamina regeneration if you are knocked unconscious rather than resting manually.
  • It is slower if you are burdened or hungry. The worse these statuses are, the less stamina you will regenerate.
  • Drinking a bottle of some kind of liquid (such as water) will restore your stamina. Water will cure exhaustion statuses.

If your stamina drops below 1/4 of your maximum stamina, you will become tired (Exhausted). This is a warning that you will soon start fainting, so you should stop running or doing whatever it is that is making you tired immediately.

  • If your stamina drops below 1/8 of your maximum stamina you will begin Fainting, meaning that you are dangerously close to running out of stamina and dropping to the floor unconscious. The game will automatically disable running status if you start fainting to stop you doing this by accident.
  • If at any time your stamina hits zero or below you will drop unconscious on the spot. Common causes of this are being kicked into a wall and hitting your head, or taking a non-lethal blow to the face. Forcing yourself to run when fainting will also cause this to happen very quickly.
  • Being panicked will force your character to start running and refuse to fight unless cornered. When panicked you will also be unable to manually stop running, and your character will not stop running automatically when his stamina gets low, so he will quickly run himself to exhaustion and start passing out at random. For this reason it is very important to relieve yourself of panic as soon as possible, or at least run somewhere where it is safe to pass out until the effect wears off.

Getting tired

If you allow yourself to become exhausted or fainting you will start to incur penalties:

  • If you are exhausted, your to-hit rate and dodge rate are reduced to 75% of their normal values. If you are fainting they are reduced to half their normal rate.
  • Being exhausted multiplies your danger sense by 1.25, and fainting by 1.5. This means tiring yourself out increases your chances of becoming panicked.

Actions that consume stamina

  • Attacking an enemy with fists or a melee weapon
    • Higher ASTR will reduce the total stamina cost
  • Biting (flat 1000 stamina point cost)
  • Kicking
    • Higher LSTR will reduce this stamina cost
  • Running
    • Additional penalties apply for being burdened
    • Higher LSTR will make running cost less stamina. Higher END and LSTR mean being able to run for longer
  • Carnivorous mutant bunnies also consume stamina when mating. This isn't possible for players to do when polymorphed, however
  • The Enner Beast consumes 1000 stamina per roar