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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Body armor is a piece of armor that covers the torso of the player. It is one of the most important pieces of armor, as most of the enemy attacks will end up damaging your torso.

Types of Body Armor

Chain Mail

Chain mail is the lighter, more flexible armor. With comparable materials, it will have slightly lower AV than plate mail, but will also weight less and have lesser penalties to Dex and Agi. However, as chain mail only generates made of metals, you can frequently find much lighter "plate mail" made of flexible materials such as leather - though the AV of such light armor will be very low.

Plate Mail

Plate mail can actually either be called "plate mail" if made of any metal, or simply "armor" if made of a different material (eg. "leather armor" is still "plate mail"-type armor).

Plate mail is stronger, heavier and less flexible than chain mail, giving it higher AV but also higher penalties to Dex and Agi. Plate mails made of metal will have very high AV, but will probably burden any character without massive LStr. On the other hand, plate mails are also frequently found made of light flexible materials and such armors will be even lighter than chain mails, though their AV will be also considerably lower than of any metal armor.

However, if you can obtain a plate mail made of one of the better flexible materials (eg. Angel Hair or Spider Silk), those have the best qualities of any normal armor found in the game - they have high AV, low weight and next to no attribute penalties.

Magical Body Armor

Artifact Body Armor



The CLIVAN variant of the game adds several new body armors: