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Helmets are a kind of armor protecting your head.

They come in three basic varieties:

  • helmets, which are light and offer reasonable AV,
  • full helmets, which have slightly better AV and low sound resistance in exchange for higher weight,
  • masks, which are the lightest, but least protective headgear.

Magical Helmets

Certain helmets give you additional magical effects.

Magical Helmets
Effect Base AV Weight Material
Helmet of Attractivity Charisma 4 5000g Gold
Helmet of Brilliance Intelligence 13 200g Arcanite
Helmet of Essence Plethora Mana 6 662g Amethyst
Helmet of Indomitable Will Willpower 21 225g Octiron
Helmet of Piercing Perception Perception 16 1500g Illithium
Helmet of Telepathy ESP 10 75g Angel Hair
Helmet of Teleportation Teleporting 15 1250g Mithril
Helmet of Understanding Wisdom 15 500g Unicorn Horn
Helmet of Brilliance (LIVAN)* Intelligence & Wisdom 10 150g Unicorn Horn
* In LIVAN and CLIVAN, the Helmet of Understanding is removed, and the Helmet of Brilliance increases both Int and Wis, as well as having a different icon.

Artifact Helmets

Artifact Helmets
Effect Base AV Weight Material
Gorovits Family Gas Mask Gas Immunity, indestructible 8 450g Kevlar
radiant helmet of Macula Perception, Infravision, Searching 11 500g Blue Light Crystal
war mask of Tlachtlallotlachitl Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower, blocks telepathy Tin