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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Spellcasting is the ability to use innate magical powers for wide variety of effects.

As of the current version, only some monsters are able to use innate spells. The player is not able to learn or cast any spells and must rely on magical items for spell-like effects. However, player spellcasting was planned during development and may yet be implemented in a future verison. A vestigial parts of a magic system can be found in the game code, as for example a Mana attribute is defined for all creatures but not used by any game mechanic.

The "spells" used by monsters are special cases of AI code right now, rather than some unified spell abilities. Thus whenever the text below mentions any spell name, note that these are not acutally used in-game and are used here only for an ease of explanation.


The following monsters can cast spells:


Animate Undead





Lightning Bolt

Magic Missile

Reattach Limb


Summon Golem

Summon Skeleton

Teleport Other

Teleport Self

Spell-like Abilities

Enner Scream

Siren Song