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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Sirens are annoying monsters that attack by singing. Their songs can have a variety of rather dangerous effects, discussed below, but they only affect creatures in melee range. As sirens are very fragile and cowardly, they can be dispatched easily from afar with a thrown weapon or an attack wand - even a single hit will likely sever a limb and/or cause Panic.

Sirens are associated with Dulcis and are considered elves, as their bodies are made of elven flesh. Be aware that elven flesh causes confusion, so it's not recommended to eat a dead siren.

Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 3
Leg Strength 3
Dexterity 20
Agility 25
Endurance 12
Perception 25
Intelligence 10 Abilities
Wisdom 15 Singing
Charisma 50
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 150

Siren Songs

When a siren sings, she attempts to affect one creature in melee range with a special effect. The song can be resisted with Willpower, with the difficulty set by the siren's Charisma - which is unfortunately quite high, so the chance to resist is not great unless you wear a highly enchanted Helmet of Indomitable Will.

The following effects can be caused by a siren's song:

  • The song makes you sleepy (draining your stamina). This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, as low stamina will lead to unconsciousness, and then the siren or any other monsters around will slowly beat you to death 1 HP at a time as you sit and watch helplessly. If you are already Exhausted, do not approach a siren under any circumstances, or she might knock you out with a single song. While not exhausted, a single song will not drain all of your stamina, but try not to let yourself be hit with a sleepy song twice in a row. Also remember that drinking water restores your stamina.
  • The siren steals your most valuable item. This is not limited to the items in your inventory, your equipment can be stolen right off your body! If you have a good armor, for example, the siren will strip you, which can lead to swift death if any other monsters capable of dealing damage are around. As sirens always steal the most expensive item you have, carrying around an item with a higher price than your body armor will make sure that your armor is not stolen immediately.
  • Any of your pets can be tamed by the siren, making them hostile to you. If you have very powerful pets, such as angels gifted to you by your god, make sure the siren does not get to them!