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History: This page contains historical information about IVAN that may not be implemented in the game.

A few artifact weapons were proposed by the original developers, but never made it into the actual game. It is notable that these unimplemented artifacts also happen to be of weapon classes without any artifact weapons in the current version of IVAN.

Information was taken from "artifact ideas.txt" and "artifact ideas II.txt" files in game documentation. See also Proposed items.

The weapon concepts are listed here:

Banshee sickle

Mammoth battle axe

  • Does huge amounts of damage and knocks enemies back, but is immensely heavy and inaccurate.
  • Could be the inspiration for LIVAN's Demonhead?

The incredibly sharp dagger named Mucro

Scythe of undeath

  • Temporarily raises any humanoids slain by it as zombies.

Sword of giant slaying