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History: This page contains historical information about IVAN that may not be implemented in the game.

Some ideas for regular items did not make it into IVAN. This page lists these items as found in the source files.

See also Proposed artifacts.


  • Baseball bat
  • Machete - possibly did additional damage to limbs?
  • Shield of reflection - reverses the direction of incoming magic beams
  • Steam-powered flamethrower
  • Knuckles - probably fist weapons to take advantage of the Unarmed skill


  • Mutant armor - grants acid immunity, spills acid and polymorphs nearby monsters, but also inflicts permanent lycanthropy, parasites, and leprosy
  • Night vision goggles - grant infravision
  • Sandals of Hermes - levitation
  • Spiked gauntlets - possibly also fist weapons, but worn instead of equipped


  • Amulet of improbability - causes various odd things to happen
  • Amulet of unchanging - prevents polymorphing and any changes to stats
  • Cloak of displacement - would randomly teleport the player when hit
  • Ring of conflict - unknown use


  • Athelas or Kingsfoil - an incredibly potent healing herb. From The Lord of the Rings, it is primarily used to cure those affected by black breath, a condition contracted from contact with Nazguls. Said to increase in potency when used by a king
  • Cram - a very boring, chewy biscuit-like food also featured in The Lord of the Rings
  • Lembas - Elven bread that increases in potency the longer you eat it and nothing else (also from LoTR)


  • The Brass Serpent named Nehustan - merely looking at this item would cure poison
  • Is - An odd stack of items that is initially worth a lot of money, but halves its quantity now and then. Mockery of ADOM's Si
  • Vodka bottle of plenty - presumably provided an unlimited amount of vodka to drink
  • Wand of excrement - self explanatory
  • Wand of petrification - would change the target's material to stone

Inside Jokes

These items are labelled as inside jokes from the devs. As such, their origins and meanings are long lost.

  • Blessed Boxer-shorts of Protection from Elpuri
  • Holy Toesocks
  • Windows 95 Master CD