Carnivorous Mutant Bunny

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Carnivorous mutant bunnies are a common sight in the various dungeons of IVAN. They are currently the only enemies that can breed (as opposed to mushrooms, which multiply) and come in 4 different forms - young male and female bunnies, and adult male and female bunnies.

Young carnivorous mutant bunnies can grow into adult carnivorous mutant bunnies if they eat enough food. This restores their health and stamina and of course, grants a significant boost to their stats.

All forms of carnivorous mutant bunnies glow a bright red and will cause polymorphitis if eaten or their blood is forcefully applied.

Young male/female carnivorous mutant bunny Babybunny.png
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 4 / 2
  • None.
Leg Strength N/A
Dexterity N/A
Agility 5 / 7
Endurance 8
Perception 9
Intelligence 5 Abilities
Wisdom 3 Breeding, Eating, Vomiting
Charisma 5
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 100 / 90
HP 6 / 5

Adult male/female carnivorous mutant bunny Bunny.png
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 16 / 8
  • None.
Leg Strength N/A
Dexterity N/A
Agility 20 / 30
Endurance 16
Perception 18
Intelligence 10 Abilities
Wisdom 6 Breeding, Eating, Vomiting
Charisma 10
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 50 / 45
HP 51 / 44


  • Adult carnivorous mutant bunnies are actually smaller than their younger counterparts. While this doesn't make any sense, it was probably intended to make them harder to hit since size influences to-hit rate.
  • Likely a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail's killer rabbit