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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Merka is the shopkeeper in the Gloomy Caves. He will buy your items and sell them back to you for a much higher price. He can be found somewhere between levels 2-5.

Merka has 4 guards in his shop. Like Hulbo, his Attnamese counterpart, he has 3000 gold. He has also formed a contract with the monsters in the Gloomy Caves in which both parties agree not to attack one another.

Be aware that is it possible for his door to be locked, and if you kick it open, he WILL attack you.'

Merka in his guarded shop

Stats and Equipment

Merka the shopkeeper
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 25
  • Mithril Helmet +2
  • Nymph Hair Cloak +2
  • Mithril Chain Mail +2
  • Nymph Hair Belt of Carrying +2
  • Mithril Pick-Axe +3
  • Pair of Nymph Hair Gauntlets +2
  • Pair of Nymph Hair Boots +2
  • Holy Book of Mellis
Leg Strength 37
Dexterity 12
Agility 12
Endurance 25
Perception 37
Intelligence 31 Abilities
Wisdom 18 Reading, Talking, Kicking, Vomiting
Charisma 37
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 160 None
HP 464