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Posted by fejoa, Aug 24, 2011 at 1:25 pm
Thanks for the encouragement Erno
The tricky part is where to begin with dungeon scripting? I'll read Holybanana's stuff carefully and see if I can keep it in a similar style. I'd like to know what people would like to know about dungeon engineering.

In other news, I updated CLIVAN to fix the sumo crash, I rebalanced spetums, tip swords and knight swords so they are harder to find and are made of straightforward materials. You'll also have a higher chance to find broken versions of those meleeweapons over normal ones. I switched damascus steel and adamant around, and damascus steel sits just above meteoric steel for hardness, so the iron alloy family is now a bit more linear.
Posted by fejoa, Aug 21, 2011 at 10:58 am
Actually, I don't feel particularly qualified to write up a cook book on dungeon scripting. I doscovered something new while trying to do so. And so the word of the day is ``BoundedRandom''.

Just try copying and pasting the Gloomy Caves plugging it into the dragon tower and making changes to that for starters. That will help you learn the what bits do what.
Once you're satisfied with your ability to manipulate the script, then you can script from scratch (still a lot of copy and paste).

While you explore, keep a paper notebook of what you're doing, and write down your ideas. Be open to the possibility it may be a long process. I spent about 6 months sourcediving and squinting at the code before I began compiling :/

Also, if you get stuck, I can help

Start by changing the grassy ground in New_Attnam to sand!
Posted by fejoa, Aug 19, 2011 at 5:08 pm
4zb4 wrote
...but I just can't get my head around how the heck the dungeon.dat file works... especially when it comes to random rooms/making the dungeon appear on the world map :[

Making a totally new dungeon appear in the worldmap requires a little bit of code to instantiate it in the wordmap. The unfinished dungeons just need scripting only (and maybe a little coding to make it snazzy, but that might come later).

Scripting is tricky and time consuming, because the only feedback is to go into the game and playtest it to see if what is scripted corresponds to the intended design.

Perhaps I'll write an IVAN dungeon building cookbook explaining what goes where.
Posted by fejoa, Aug 18, 2011 at 3:45 am
Dragon Tower was Lampshade's creation, but I never continued with it. If anyone ever manages to find the Tomb of Xinroch, then they will be similarly disappointed. I've found the scripting to be quite time consuming, so if anyone wants to work on either of these worldmap locations (DT or ToX), then they would be very welcome. I'd be happy to lend support with regards to bug or blooper catching.

Scripting doesn't entail coding, so all you need is a nice text editor to make the changes.

Two things:
1) DT is available immediately after UT, so it should follow a similar difficulty scale as Gloomy Cave (GC)
2) ToX SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
is where the ghost of Xinroch lives. It can be reached after UT, and only after having fulfilled the ommel blood quest which requires the player to reach the priestess of Scabies halfway through Deep Forest (DF), and then to reach Enner Beast level and return to the Priestess of Scabies in DF to fulfil that quest (then the Tomb of Xinroch gets revealed in the worldmap). I understand that performing this quest over and over might be tedious, so I'm thinking of making the map that reveals ToX to be wishable. A player with spare wishes would concievably be capable of tackling the Tomb,.

So to script ToX, the difficulty level of that dungeon needs to be sufficiently high to challenge a player capable of surviving the Enner, and about three or four days of questing in the game. I imagined ToX to be some kind of ridiculously difficult dungeon, probably more difficult than what exists presently.

So anyone who sticks their hand up and delivers the goods, I'll put it into CLIVAN and you can be an author :D
Posted by fejoa, Aug 11, 2011 at 5:23 pm
capristo wrote
I was in New Attnam and trying to fight the sumo and it would crash when I challenged him. But now it's not letting me load my game at all. (I haven't played this game since then). Kind of a bummer since I had a phoenix feather whip of thievery +7

Darn, sorry Cap. This one's another script fix, but I'll need to put a default value in the code to stop this bug from affecting people who may want to code/script the game in future.

In dungeon.dat, you need to put an extra line in the room script for the Sumo Arena:

  Levels = 2;

  Level 0;
  Level 1;
    Description = "New Attnam's sumo wrestling arena";
    ShortDescription = "SumoArena";
       Pos =
       Size =
       UseFillSquareWalls =
       Flags =
       [color=#00ff00]GenerateWards = false; /* <-- Add this line */[/color]

       Square ...

I hope you can load your game again
Posted by fejoa, Aug 2, 2011 at 4:17 am
Sorry for the radio silence, I was away for 72 hours.

Ischaldirh wrote
Why are there multiple SecondaryMaterialConfig choices?...

Also on the possibility part, I think a better option than reducing the knight sword's possibility, might be to raise the long sword's. (Better still would be to do a little of both.) My reasoning being, by raising the lesser weapon's possibility, you're also helping it come out more frequently vs other high-powered weapons (and any that might be added in the future). Of course if you do that, you'll have to raise other low-power weapons' possibilities accordingly as well... I dunno, it's tough. Might be a better option to just add some other items at or below long sword power level: falchions, war picks, clubs, and the like.

The secondary material configs are a hangover from LIVAN, and I haven't changed them since.
For the more powerful meleeweapons that lampshade introduced (like TIP_SWORDs etc) these could remain slightly more powerful than traditional weapons, but with a higher than normal EnchantmentMinusChance when unbroken and EnchantmentPlusChance = 0; when broken. This would have the effect that the player is forced to make more investments (scroll of enchant weapon, scroll of repair or otherwise) to make those weapons viable.

The ratio of (BrokenPossibility / Possibility) for the canonical meleeweapons is about 0.1 so Lampshade's weapons (and any others for that matter) could be leveled out according to that. Maybe broken KNIGHT_SWORDs should be more prevalent than normal ones?

I agree that more low-power weapons could be added, like stone-aged weapons. Revisiting those outrageous weapon material choices is a good way of controlling things as well.

chaostrom wrote
So I wanted a look at all the new items and such.

New game
Enter New Attnam

It's happened every time so far.

This bug has been around since LIVAN as well. It stems from the bug where wishing for a flaming long-sword would result in a crash.
You wouldn't believe it, but it is a one-line script file fix. To fix the bug, add the line "IsAbstract = true;" in the following way to item.dat:

flamingsword /* meleeweapon-> */
  Adjective = "flaming";
  BaseEmitation = rgb24(150, 120, 90);
  [color=#008080]IsAbstract = true;[/color]

  Config LONG_SWORD;

Have fun looking at the items.

A more puzzling matter is when a dwarven gas grenade filled with whatever, is offered at the altar of Dulcis
Posted by fejoa, Jul 30, 2011 at 7:24 am
I hev seen this sapphire knight sword as well. I agree with Ischaldirh. The game definitely needs rebalancing with a (google?) spreadsheet, with IVAN 0.5 as baseline difficulty. I'm not such a good game theorist, and I was hoping to canvass opinion from the community about the state of LIVAN's replayability.

If we take the example of the longsword, which has
Possibility = 100;
then a Knight sword would be
Possibility = 2;
instead of 13, which is presently its scripted value. That would have the effect of reducing the occurence of that item in the game, in the way that Izzy suggests.

Furthermore, for our broken knight sword we might choose:

SecondaryMaterialConfig = { 5, IRON, STEEL, STEEL, MITHRIL, MITHRIL; }

MaterialConfigChances = { 5, 1000, 100, 100, 10, 1; }

instead of the existing:

SecondaryMaterialConfig = { 4, STEEL, STEEL, MITHRIL, MITHRIL; }

MaterialConfigChances = { 4, 100, 100, 10, 1; }

CLIVAN has some existing crap materials. LEAD already existed in LIVAN I think, but it (and other lousy materials) is not prevalent in the game because it has not been woven into existing scripted items. Tricky, because one must presently manipulate the script by hand. (Which means the script files basically resemble their own roguelike game).
Posted by fejoa, Jul 28, 2011 at 5:36 pm
Ok, here is the thread for posting bugs and suggestions relevant to CLIVAN.
Once a critical mass of issues are identified, then another release can be made.

Right now I have already spotted an issue with rookie kamikaze dwarfs spawning too early in the game, and this can be fixed by altering the script.
In char.dat, HPRequirementForGeneration should be set to 54, not 32.

Thunderbirds also need to be changed so they don't appear too early. Perhaps the following might be appropriate:
HPRequirementForGeneration = 70;
DayRequirementForGeneration = 3;
Posted by fejoa, Jul 28, 2011 at 5:57 am
Yeah, hopefully with a bit of testing we can balance the game a bit. If it can be achieved by the script files alone, then that would be optimal. Some features may also drastically alter the game, so I'm open to the possibility of eliminating some of my implementations.

I'd really love it if Lampshade would drop in and make some suggestions about what he thinks would bring balance to the game.
Posted by fejoa, Jul 28, 2011 at 12:23 am
Perhaps the forestmen should wield taiahas. Yep, the recent natural disasters here in NZ have been good for ivan development, with plenty of time off for programming and scripting.

I added three 'lesser' magic users based on kobolds, goblins and orcs. The goblin warlocks are able to zap wands and a couple of other characters IIRC. So yep, Al can zap as he sees fit ;)