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Posted by fejoa, Nov 1, 2011 at 11:42 am
Wonderful work Translating IVAN must've been very challenging.

Navastater, hmm, the Devs came up with it. It's part of the holy stack and can be found in Mola_Mola.rtf:

to navastate – For example, it is navastating to ponder what navastating means.

By the way, did you translate the opening story and the encrypted scroll?
Posted by fejoa, Oct 28, 2011 at 5:54 am
So where do I find the severed groin of a mistress whip champion?

Posted by fejoa, Oct 25, 2011 at 6:41 am
Quite slowly. I'll have to take some time out to write down some plans on paper regarding what needs to be done next.
Posted by fejoa, Oct 20, 2011 at 4:31 pm
Yeah the THV's seem counterintuitive to me too at this stage.

Let me show you another function, this time from item.cpp:

long item::GetBlockModifier() const
    return GetSize() * GetRoundness() << 1;
    return GetSize() * GetRoundness() << 2;

I don't know how it works because I have not stared at it for long enough. It gets called inside this function in bodypart.cpp,
double arm::GetBlockValue() const { return GetToHitValue() * GetWielded()->GetBlockModifier() / 10000; }
when the game calculates the BlockValue of an arm, for blocking.
It would seem that the blocking value of a shield is modified by its roundness and size.

Posted by fejoa, Oct 20, 2011 at 3:41 pm
What about permanent polymorph into an orc, by drinking a potion or something? Then you can play the rest of the game as an orc character.

Is there any code for the Magic 8 ball, by the way?
Posted by fejoa, Oct 17, 2011 at 4:13 pm
Also, now I think about it, I think the devs used bitwise operation in place of floating-point operation as often as possible because it may be faster. I'm not a computer engineer but I recall that bitwise operations are a more fundamental structure inside most modern ALU's. Geek geek.
Posted by fejoa, Oct 17, 2011 at 3:51 pm
Ischaldirh wrote
How did you calculate this? I see Short Sword's StrengthModifier value (90) and Mithril's Strength value (200), but how did you find the formula (and the "/ 2000" part)?

It's in item.cpp, and the function goes a little something like this:

int item::GetStrengthValue() const
  return long(GetStrengthModifier()) * GetMainMaterial()->GetStrengthValue() / 2000;

Regarding the bitchift operator, you are correct. If k = BlockSinceLastTurn and (1 << k) signifies a 'left-shift' operation, then this is the same as multiplying the first operand, i.e. 1, by 2^k. F. ex. 1*2^k: 1*2^2 = 4.
Really it's like this: 0001 << 2 = 0100 = 4, (in binary of course). All the bits are shifted two places to the left.

I agree with all your observations of the code you mentioned here:
if(RAND() % int(100 + WeaponToHitValue / BlockValue / (1 << BlocksSinceLastTurn) * (100 + Success)) < 100)
then (block)

Ischaldirh wrote
Double crap, I just realized I used the wrong number in WeaponToHitValue (I used Guss's block value instead of his THV). With his actual THV it becomes a 17% chance to block (but he still gets two chances at it). This seems... wrong.

Isn't the THV just the ToHitValue of the weapon/item?
With a little sourcediving I think this may just be the case. The THV flows through several functions before finding its use in the blocking function, but I think it originates inside bodypart.cpp. Specifically, the game checks to see if the character is wielding something, and then calculates a THV (of the item/arm) based on what is being wielded (or not).

Therefore, in bodypart.cpp we have this extremely interesting piece of code:
double arm::GetWieldedToHitValue() const
  int HitStrength = GetWieldedHitStrength();

  if(HitStrength <= 0)
    return 0;

  citem* Wielded = GetWielded();

  double Base = 2e-11
		* Min(HitStrength, 10)
		* GetHumanoidMaster()->GetCWeaponSkill(Wielded->GetWeaponCategory())->GetBonus()
		* GetCurrentSWeaponSkillBonus()
		* Master->GetMoveEase()
		* (10000. / (1000 + Wielded->GetWeight()) + Wielded->GetTHVBonus());
  double ThisToHit = GetAttribute(DEXTERITY) * sqrt(2.5 * Master->GetAttribute(PERCEPTION));
  const arm* PairArm = GetPairArm();

  if(PairArm && PairArm->IsUsable())
    citem* PairWielded = PairArm->GetWielded();

      if(Wielded->IsTwoHanded() && !Wielded->IsShield(Master))
	return Base * (ThisToHit + PairArm->GetAttribute(DEXTERITY)
		       * sqrt(2.5 * Master->GetAttribute(PERCEPTION))) / 2;
    else if(!Wielded->IsShield(Master) && !PairWielded->IsShield(Master))
      return Base * ThisToHit / (1.0 + (500.0 + PairWielded->GetWeight())
				 / (1000.0 + (Wielded->GetWeight() << 1)));

  return Base * ThisToHit;

I think it calculates the THV and hence the WeaponTHV in the block. I think it bears resemblance to the parsing shown by Squash, no?
It's getting a bit late for me atm, but hopefully this provides more clues.
Posted by fejoa, Oct 16, 2011 at 10:25 am
Ischaldirh wrote
Block Capability = 19 * 90 * 1400 * 1450 / 10000000

Block Strength = 347 /* If this were true, the next part would reveal that you would need to deal some 350 damage in order to pass a successful block. I don't feel this is accurate. */

I'm looking at this presently:

I calculated the StrengthRequirement = 0.153.
Therefore, HitStrength is indeed 19, as Izzy has calculated.

in Bodypart.cpp there is this function:

int arm::GetBlockCapability() const

This function returns the value of the block capability of a humanoid's arm as follows:
Min(HitStrength, 10) * Wielded->GetStrengthValue() * GetHumanoidMaster()->GetCWeaponSkill(Wielded->GetWeaponCategory())->GetBonus() * (*GetCurrentSWeaponSkill())->GetBonus() / 10000000;

The first part is a Min function, which takes the minimum between two values f.ex. HitStrength and 10. So the result of Min(19, 10) = 10.

Next I calculate the strength value of the Short Sword to be (90 * 200)/2000 = 9

I do not know how to calculate class skill bonus or specific skill bonus so will assume they are as above, i.e. 1400 and 1450 respectively.

Then I have:
Block Capability = 10 * 9 * 1400 * 1450 / 10000000
                                  = 18.27

That is all I have for the moment, hope this helps

Posted by fejoa, Oct 7, 2011 at 4:55 pm
I can't remember where the worst item list is, but this fella was carrying a very unfortunate weapon:

Posted by fejoa, Oct 5, 2011 at 11:48 am
My guess is that the magic mushrooms need to "smell" in order to undergo some kind of sexual reproduction. Their gametes are the magic clouds.

What you need is to edit the script file, char.dat, in this way:
  ClassStates = GAS_IMMUNITY;