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Posted by Neonivek, Mar 29, 2008 at 2:12 pm
Ohhh I should probably explain this

Planplan explained to me last night an easy way to do colors and it worked swimmingly.

Ill close this topic soon but I need everyone who posted here to hear

Thank you everyone for your help
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 29, 2008 at 1:42 pm
There we go we have exact confirmation from Arcane that Chaostrom is the binary opposite of Arcane

Should they ever touch the explosion could destroy half the internet

Alright back on dirrect topic

I could try to help with some of the work that I can do (I don't have that much skill)... Ill see what I can do and Ill post it here if I come up with anything.
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 29, 2008 at 1:39 pm
The Wealth Food Materials are basically Spices that while giving you a somewhat of a satience boost they are worth much more to be sold. (as that is all I have the skill for)

Well Unknown Entity it looks like Ill have to learn how to do coding to do most of these well. UGH!!! Ohh well.


Thinking of putting this on hold if I actually get to help with the ROTK Ivan.
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 28, 2008 at 2:42 pm
I would Unknown Entity I truely would... but I don't know how to code and there are no FAQs that I know of that teach me how.

I remember when J_Kahvi was recruiting for IVAN production he was looking for Coders and I thought I could join up... then I found out that "Scripter" and "Coder" are not the same.

Ohh well... So basically I am limited ONLY to what is in the scripts

"Who in their right mind would make a weapon out of lead or magnesium?"
-Who would make spears out of Balista? (though I think Lead weapons have existed)
--MOSTLY it is there for the sake of being EasterEgg or something interesting
---My only other comment is not all of these would be weapons. Magnesium (at least in Alloy form) is very light weight

Edit Addition ----------------------------------------------

I should have added this but thank you a LOT for your response, it does tell me what I should give priority
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 28, 2008 at 7:30 am
So I am thinking of a material blitz that is in a way pointless I guess (as more materials are cool but unneeded)

So I am looking for ideas keeping in mind that I can't code (So no really cool materials like Uranium or possibly Oricalcum)

So I have a few ideas so far...

They are listed in order of what they harden into

Light Metals
-Manganese (2/3rd weight if Iron)
-Magnesium (1/2 weight of Iron)
-Oricalcum (1/3rd weight of Iron)
--thinking of adding another there between Magnesium and Oricalcum.

Heavy Metal
-Lead (Hardens into gold heh)

Heavy Metal 2
-Core Metal (Refers to metal inside the earth's Core)
-Warp Metal (So dense it bends light)

--I am going to do something special with these (Though they will never be quite as powerful as the Sol Stone)

*Don't ask XD*

Radioactive materials
-Einsteinium (Maybe not this)
-Scabionium? (Probably not this either)
--My goal is to make them all glowing and explosive (maybe poisonous too)

Magical Material
-Illusion: May not have this harden
-Secret Runes: Maybe not seeing as there are already "Runic" objects...

Evil Materials
-Tormented Souls
-Dark Spirits (I think I may just stop at souls)

Evil Material 2

Philosophical materials
Note: These don't harden into eachother
--I actually like the idea of these... a weapon that is just the solidified concept of hatred...

-Hot Leather (Hot Pink)
-Black Leather
-Cured Leather?
Note: These don't harden into eachother

Wealth material
-Coal: Hardens into diamond
Note: These don't harden into eachother

Wealth Food Material (I am at a loss of how to order this beyond the fact that Black Pepper is on top)
-Black Pepper (Also known as the King of Peppers)
-Silva Spice (Some sort of imaginary IVAN only spice... Maybe Omel Dandruff XD)

Tell me what you think so far
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 28, 2008 at 5:35 am
You sure your not a code monkey Planplan? Or just a code chimp?

Thanks Planplan this may invigorate my inspiration to add more materials to the game (however unneeded they are)
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:33 pm
I hope your not accusing me Unknown Entity... Nothing I suggested is intentionally a copy.

-Flint Rocks: actually I didn't remember it was in ADOM
-Noticable cash: WAY doesn't count

(I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt Merchant chains were done in any of those games so I am safe there)

Alright let me see...

Section 1:
-Of course not... Nay (Or Aye... whatever means it won't become those games)

Section 2:
-Ill abstain... It seems like a can-o-worms to me. I mean if I was to vote Aye technically there would need to be removed content or greatly limit new content... and Nay for obvious reasons is a bad answer.
--Though I understand what you mean in Section 2... "Ivan shouldn't rip content from other games unless it is otherwise needed and within the cliche". I am just overcautious.

EDIT ADDITION AFTER THIS LINE!!!---------------------------------

I am very sorry... Not changing what I said as that is somewhat dishonest... but I am a bit on the defensive today as Ive been attacked in the Attnam Boards and IRC all day... So don't read too much into what I have said.

Though what I find interesting about Section 2 is what dirrection is IVAN going to go in now to set itself appart? That is what I am most interested in currently (I mean afterall a lot of what IVAN can become is taken... So what is left would be entirely unexplored)
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:08 pm
I guess I just REALLY REALLY like the idea of Uranium and Plutonium (though I don't think you can mine Plutonium). So I think I am biased (Afterall it could be Scabies tampering)

Actually a Mad Scientist wouldn't be bad.

Id actually would like to help programming but I can barely do script work (as you can tell by my topic)

Let me think of more stuff
-Merchant Chains: So Store Credit is more useful
-More noticable Money on baddies/ground: I THINK you can get random cash from killing enemies (could be wrong) but Id like it to be a tad more noticable like "Sack of 55 coins" or something.
-Flint Rocks: They do extra damage when thrown

Hmm not feeling too much into making a large list today... Ohh well.
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 27, 2008 at 3:04 pm
I mostly got confused because someone said "This topic is no longer about little details it is more like hints and tips" (Not his EXACT wording but what he said)

So I was like "Alright... Little Details... Hmm what about 'fun facts' or something like I did with Oblivion when I found out one of their missions actually couldn't have happened the way they told you"
Posted by Neonivek, Mar 26, 2008 at 11:02 pm
I know this is kinda stupid...

But there should be Uranium and Plutonium and other "Radioactive" Materials in this game...

Mostly to somewhat explain off the "Mutants"