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Posted by Neonivek, Mar 13, 2008 at 4:32 pm
I thought for a while after my last three posts were deleted

Warning: Despite having played the game enough to be a Vet... I don't know the knowledge of one... So I appologise to anyone annoyed by suggestions that are either overdone or that are already in the game.

1) Magic Colar: When held by someone you will always be aware of their location (Done so by the fact that their square will always be visable)

2) Class of Food or Living Materials: A Class of edible weapon materials would be interesting to me (Heh Gingerbread)... however most specifically a Living Material that would be fragile but that would repair itself very slowly interests myself. Mostly interested by the fact that there are food gods in this game.

3) Magic Lantern (Non-Genie kind): Compared that lanterns are so prominant during the game a magical kind would be interesting.

4) Knuckle, Spiked Knuckle, Iron Ball: OLD but still up for grabs and its non-inclusion yes is a mystery.

5) Undead Animals: For the fact that it makes no sense to as why they don't exist

6) Lock picks, Flute of Opening, Skeleton Key: A universal openers... pointless... but I think it would add flavor. (should break after use or something)

7) Spices: Low satience foods that don't go bad (or just slowly)... but are worth more to sell.

Force Material: Materials made of pure energy/magic... They are effective but they either blow up, entirely disapear, or some other magical effect when broken.

9) Liquid/Gas Elementals: Elementals (or golems I guess) made out of Liquids and gases in the game would be interesting... perhaps when destroyed they sprey their material everywhere... So destroying a water Elemental would rust all your gear and destroying a Mustard Gas Elemental would burn your insides. I know how a template for it would be impossible as Gases and Liquids don't have stats.
-This is what happens when I read that tutorial too much...

10) Ice Magic: Ice should affect Infravision possible targets by slowing them, damage, as well as perhaps creating water. Does little to nothing vs non-infravision possible targets (such as Zombies and Golems) beyond a weak slow that can be resisted.

11) ESP Blast (change the name): This should harm ESP capable targets in various ways
-I guess I kinda want more kinds of magic in the game

My Unrealistic Suggestion of wanting IS

Suggestion) IVANT and LIVAN combine to make LIVANT!!!
-and on that... remove the "Test" zombies and skeletons.

Suggestion 2) Weapons that transform things into stone or Gold... problem is sorta the unbalance... hense why it is unrealistic.

All for now... Tell me what you think. Thank you for listening