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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Musical instruments in IVAN are magical tools - you can apply them to produce a specific effect, though you will need to wait some time between uses, until the instrument recharges itself. This cooldown is decreased through the Mana attribute, and using the instrument too soon will simply yield a failure message.


A Horn of Fear A Horn of Bravery

Horn of Fear (left) and Bravery (right).

Horn Name Material Weight
bravery Silver
confusion Unicorn Horn
fear Obsidian
healing Gold 8000g
plenty Lead 4536g

Horn of Bravery

Using this tool will negate Panic for you and any ally in a one-square radius, plus grant temporary Fearless effect.

Success message: You produce a loud but calming sound.

Failure message: You produce a mighty sound.

Horn of Confusion

Using this horn will confuse hostile creatures in your vicinity.


This horn originaly comes from the CLIVAN variant. Orc shamans will frequently use horns of confusion against you.

Horn of Fear

Using this tool will frighten off almost any monster in the immediate vicinity. You cannot scare Golems as they are emotionless magical constructs. Many named characters and unique monsters are either highly resistant or immune to the horn's effects.

Success message: You produce a frightening, almost scream-like sound.

Failure message: You produce a mighty sound.

Horn of Healing

Using it will heal you and any nearby allies to full Hit Points. Extremely heavy.

Horn of Plenty

Use to gain some food.

 Suddenly, a lump of banana falls out of the horn.

Other items may include: rat flesh sausage, banana, can full of banana, can full of plankton...

These can be used to train Perception as they randomly will drop a carrot.

Lyre of Charm

A Lyre of Charm.

This handy-dandy instrument will attempt to charm everything in a one-square radius when applied. Be warned that higher-level monsters require more charisma to tame, and certain monsters cannot be tamed at all!

One nifty use for the Lyre is to slowly turn almost everyone in Attnam friendly to you.

Success message: You produce a mesmerizing sound.

Failure message: You produce a highly alluring sound.


Two kinds of whistles exist in the game, an ordinary Whistle and a Magical Whistle. Both are used to recall your pet if it wanders off and gets lost, but while the normal whistle will only indicate your position to the pet so it can try and reach you, the magical one will teleport all your pets right next to you.


  • All musical instruments are attached to Dulcis, and she may randomly give one to a pious worshiper.
  • Many horns are quite heavy, so carrying around several can quickly get annoying. While as of yet horns are among the Invincible Items in all versions of IVAN (variants included), you might want to harden or SoCM them into a lighter material.
  • The Enner Beast will yield a random horn when killed.