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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Scroll of Change Material is a very rare and highly valuable scroll that allows you to select any item or limb and transmute it to a material of your choice. When paired items (e.g. two identical boots) are selected, they will be transmuted both.

You must have a certain amount of Intelligence for the transmutation to be successful. If your intelligence in insufficient, you will be promted to select a different desired material. Note that you need 5 more intelligence to change a material than to harden it, but you can select nearly any material you wish.

You cannot transmute items into liquids or some special materials (like ommel edibles, as that would allow you to easily gain large boost to your attributes). Some items (especially artifacts) also cannot be affected by this scroll at all, and it will be wasted if used on them.

Tips & Tricks

  • Apart from the obvious (changing your equipment to high-end material), you could also change a large item (such as a large chest) into food or precious metal/gemstone, or give yourself some artificial limbs.
  • Each scroll can only change a single item, but it can be mirrored and cloned.
  • Wishing for "socm" will give you this scroll, as spending a wish on it is extremely common.