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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Variant Only: This page discusses characters, items, or locations that are only included in a user-made variant of IVAN. Some or all of this information will not be applicable to the original version.

Kahraz-Arad is a sub-dungeon of Gloomy Caves with multiple levels. It is notable for both the Vault and the area beneath which ultimately leads to the Genefourx Vesana.


The entrance will always be located somewhere on the fourth level and look roughly like this:


The four guards will not attack you unless provoked, but neither will they assist you unless you have tamed them.

Level Features

The level is completely safe. Unless a monster follows you from the level above or below, the entire level will be void of hostiles. You can run around looting whatever you please from the deserted rooms - just don't steal from the Vault or the shop unless you're prepared for the consequences.

Special Rooms

  • Crow's Shop - Like Merka, he has a non-aggression pact with the local monsters and a budget of 3000 gold. His shop is larger than average.

Special Levels

The levels below Kahraz-Arad have interesting characteristics and creatures:

  • GC17 - A very unique level where the entrance to the next lower level is completely surrounded by a moat, which cannot be crossed except by levitation or teleporting.
  • Genefourx Lair - A watery level swarming with all manner of carnivorous plants including the biggest and nastiest one. Destroy it to stop new plants generating, much like UT3.