Thaumic bomb

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively


The ultimate in potential energy.

Hidden at the top of the Pyramid in a lead-walled room.

This steel-and-uranium monster weighs in at a whopping 10001g and is associated with Mortifer . You'll need serious Leg Strength to haul it out. Enchanted boots and belts of carrying are highly recommended for the task. A Wand of Teleportation or Scrolls of Teleportation will be useful to 'skip ahead' toward the staircases, especially if you are "Stressed".

As an alternative to carrying the bomb yourself, you can make a strong pet carry it. To actually get it out of the Pyramid either you or the pet carrying it must still be able to have it in your inventory and still move.

It is impossible to wield this as an improvised weapon as the required strength using both arms (over 6000) is far greater than the maximum possible Arm Strength stat the player can have even through cheating.