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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Diseases are technically normal Status Effects, but they are never shown to the player on the sidebar as other effects are. A player must notice the cues by paying attention to the message box in order to tell whether they have been infected.


You feel you're falling apart.

You are covered in sores.

This disease will abuse the player's attributes over time and, most importantly, will cause limbs to drop off one by one in random intervals. Leprosy is mostly associated with zombies, as they all carry it and will occasionally infect the player through their attacks.

You can contract leprosy from the following sources:

  • Eating meat infected with leprosy (ie. severed limbs or corpses of any infected monster).
  • Being attacked by any zombie.
  • Putting back an infected body part.
  • Angering Scabies with your prayers.

Leprosy can be cured by drinking antidote liquid, by any Priest or through a prayer to Seges. Also, leprosy is tracked for each limb individually, so reattaching an infected limb (for example if you lose an arm due to leprosy, cure the leprosy by paying a priest and then let the priest reattach the infected arm) will infect you again.

You are not falling to pieces anymore.


You notice you've always liked full moons.

This disease will polymorph you into a Werewolf occasionally. Obviously, being bitten by a werewolf can cause this, but it can also be contracted by eating werewolf flesh or as a magic effect from drinking fountain water. It can only be removed by any priest, but it will not be removed by antidote liquid.

Werewolf Fur Cloak also grants this disease, but with much better control over it.

You feel the wolf inside you has had enough of your bad habits.


You feel you are no longer alone.

Ugh. You feel something violently carving its way through your intestines.

You have been infiltrated by a parasite, showing as a Parasitized status with stethoscope. Every time the message above appears, you lose some HP and nutrition.

You can get contaminated by multiple reasons:

You can get rid of parasites by:

  • Vomiting until the game says that you notice the dead parasite in the vomit.

("You notice a dead broad tapeworm among your former stomach contents.")

A feeling of long welcome emptiness overwhelms you.