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Project Latest Version Downloads Author
file CLIVAN ? 0 fejoa
  CLIVAN: Continuation of Lampshade's Iter Vehemens ad Necem.
file IVAN 3D 11 9,364 Z
  IVAN with 3D graphics and sound effects.
file IVANT 0.50 2,413 Nameless
  "IVANT" more IVAN. Contains several additional worlds including a multi-level dragon cave.
file IVANtty 0 wasp
  A tty port of IVAN.
Discussion - Source on GitHub
file IvanX 0.60.2 1,906 SirReal
  Part IVAN CVS, part IVAN 3D, part LIVAN, and more addons by SirReal.
file LIVAN 0.999 9,350 lampshade
  Lampshade's IVAN. Contains many additional items, creatures, and worlds.