Golgor Dhan

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Golgor Dhan is close to Ur-Khan in power, yet is still more dangerous. He uses only one weapon, but does enough damage with it, so avoid getting hit. Use wands unless you are confident that you can hack him.

Golgor does not have fragile drops, so feel free to blast him with striking to break his equipment from afar. The scrolls can still burn if you use fireballs, on top of explosions being very ineffective against him in general.

Beware as he can see through invisibility.

Stats and Equipment

Golgor Dhan the Grandmaster Dark Knight Golgor.png
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 42
  • Full Ruby Helmet +3
  • Dragon Hide Cloak +3
  • Mithril Plate Mail +3
  • Sapphire Belt +3
  • Sapphire Two-Handed Scimitar +4 (skill 16/17)
  • Ring of Teleport Control
  • Pair of Spider Silk Gauntlets +3
  • Pair of Ruby Boots +3
  • 2 Scrolls of Enchant Weapon
  • 2 Scrolls of Enchant Armor
Leg Strength 42
Dexterity 28
Agility 28
Endurance 30
Perception 35
Intelligence 28 Abilities
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 200 Infravision
HP 448