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Lobh-Se the behemoth spider is said to be the child of Scabies and resides in the Spider Level. Kaethos the village elder describes her:

"Oh, you're going to Attnam through the tunnel? I don't envy you. There's a dreadful monster dwelling in the its forbidden depths: Lobh-se, the misbegotten daughter of Scabies, who exists only to devour any man or beast she senses. Through the millennia she has gained every imaginable disease and bitten by every existing poisonous creature; now she is practically invulnerable to all damage."
"Beware and avoid Lobh-se at all costs! Fortunately, this is rather easy, as she only leaves her lair in the heart of the night and even then does not venture far, since nutrition is plenty there and she returns promptly when satiated."

This massive spider can actually be sold to the Child Tourist in New Attnam for a Scroll of Wishing. As of version .58 she cannot cross any terrain on the worldmap due to programming limitations, making it impossible to take her out of the Gloomy Caverns. You will need to use this method as a work-around:

1. Kill her. (easier said than done) 2. Bring her back to life by zapping or applying a Wand of Resurrection. 3. Escort her to the first level of the Caverns, clear the cave exit area of monsters and leave her there temporarily by switching the 'follow me' command to 'no'. 4. Go to New Attnam. 5. Charm the Child Tourist with a Lyre of Charm or by praying to Dulcis. If possible, position yourself so that all three tourists are within 1 square so you get all of them at once. 6. Go BACK to the Gloomy Caverns and immediately chat with the Child Tourist. Don't let him die before you can accept his offer to sell him a spider! 7. Enjoy your shiny new Scroll of Wishing. Lobh-Se will now belong to the tourist 'family'.

Stats and Equipment

Lobh-Se the behemoth spider
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength n/a
  • None
Leg Strength 40
Dexterity n/a
Agility 20
Endurance 40
Perception 21
Intelligence 5 Abilities
Wisdom 5
Charisma 6
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 200 Infravision
HP 4000