New more fun way to kill Ennear Beast

Dec 19, 2009, 6:42 pm
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I belive that I have found new way of dealing with that damn monster. The trick is to plant as many mines as you can on the 5th level and zap the pile with teleportation wand. Wild amount of mines will be placed around the level. The next step is to find a nice cosy corner of the map when enner's screams can't heart you. And just wait.
Dec 19, 2009, 10:05 pm
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That's actually pretty clever, though I'm not sure how much I like it. The dangerous part of course is getting all those mines down there and planted safely, as the Enner's screams can set off explosives in your inventory. I'm not sure if they can detonate planted mines though... anyone know?
Dec 19, 2009, 10:35 pm
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I'm not sure, but I think so. GC5 and 6 are the only levels I don't bother checking for mines.
Dec 20, 2009, 4:07 pm
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I was playing IVAN yesterday and... yes the enner's screams can set off active mines on the level, although I didn't have any in my inventory go off. That's usually why there aren't any mines on the enner's level.

Hey that makes me think about the conversation you can have with the veteran guards at Attnam. They sometimes say not to believe Haedlic Gaedon's story about slaying the enner beast because in reality he stepped on a mine and died. But the enner's screams set off mines... so...?
Dec 20, 2009, 6:04 pm
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So perhaps Haedlic laid the mine and did kill him after all....
Dec 21, 2009, 1:58 am
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Bah, guards are like fishermen. Ya can't trust 'em. I say kill both parties and get a new guard
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