bad luck panic turned into a nice discovery

Mar 18, 6:49 am
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I had the ill fortune of being surrounded by carnivorous plants and panicking - but I had 2 spaces that I could walk between, so I wasn't even able to fight in desperation


Seemed like i was doomed, but I had 3 chaotic gods that I could pray to. I had never really had a chaotic character before, except when going all the way down to Mortifer to get his gifts.

Anyways I learned that
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Scabies is reeeeally awesome against Genny and her babies. She poisoned/threw acid on not only on the guys that were surrounding me but on Genny herself (several steps away), destroying all of them.
Mar 18, 11:35 am
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Good to know she's finally useful!
Mar 19, 6:40 am
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Huh, I thought plants were immune to poison and acid? Am I wrong?
Mar 19, 10:35 pm
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I dunno about acid, but poison works fine on plants. We've had this conversation numerous times over the years Izzy.
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