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Oct 12, 7:21 am
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I'm not sure if I haven't mentioned some of this before, but there are some new changes.

Zombie of Khaz-zadm is now a more cool boss, with her own magical axes (as discussed here) and a better reward.

Scroll of immolation is a rare scroll that allows you to summon a fireball at any location you like, maximum distance based on you Int like with teleportation.

Scroll of earthquake does the obvious. Given how rare it is, it should not overshadow Silva, but for people who can't pray to Silva, it might be a niche but nice item.

Ommel brister armor is an artifact body armor (based on the cool story on our wiki, see Ommel article, plus on dragon cuirass from CLIVAN). It's indestructible, but also as rare as any artifact and non-material-changeable, so it will always remain made of ommel hair. While normal plate mail made of adamant may give you better AV, ommel bristler armor is much more reliable when huge explosions or rust threaten your equipment.

Bone of Ullr is an artifact wand, inspired by CLIVAN but unlike there, it has only 8 charges (12 was quite excessive), grants swimming (like in the original legend) and cannot break (it can be used as a weapon, so making it breakable and explody somewhat defeats the purpose).

Finally, I slightly lowered strength of magical gauntlets and boots. Thus, nonmagical gauntlets/boots will have slightly more AV than magical gauntlets/boots. This balances the fact that magical gauntlets/boots always start with +1 enchantment, making them strictly better than any other equipment. Don't worry, this does not make end-game magical gauntlets/boots any less powerful.

Also includes uninteresting minor fixes (well, earthquake crashing on Lobh-se level is somewhat interesting).

And here's the PR, because I don't think I have anything more to add now!
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