Boots of kicking

May 18, 2014, 4:13 pm
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Ok I have done some modelling of how the boots work and I have come up with some plots.
The data was generated using Spyder, running Python 2.7. The python code is attached (see: boots_surfaces.txt)

I plotted the total damage done by a kick for a particular boot material (Leather, Iron and for a couple of cases adamant).
There are two cases studied. We are particularly interested in effect of item enchatment on the damage inflicted by a boot.
The first case is X = Enchantment, Y = Leg Strength. This was done in two variations:
(1) Level = 0 (Fig. 1 to Fig. 3)
(2) Level = 10 (Fig. 4 to Fig. 6)

The second case is X = Enchantment, Y = Level. Two material species were examined, namely Leather and Iron (Fig. 7 and 8 respectively). For these two data, the Leg Strength attribute was held constant (LegStrength = 10).

At this stage, no new prospective boot of kicking model has been introduced.
May 27, 2014, 11:43 am
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What if boots of kicking in addition to empowering your kick also made kicking one of your main attack? So that you would punch twice and kick with a move-attack?

That would make them very useful, as every attack counts, and also differ them nicely from the boots of strength. 'Cause even if you change the formulae, both boots will still make your kicks stronger - and without some additional boost (And I don't mean boost to kicking damage. How often do you attack by kicking?), boots of strength are simply better because of the carrying capacity.
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