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May 4, 2009, 3:42 am
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Thought i'd make a thread where you can whine about great characters you've lost.

Anyhow, here's mine:
I had a great character named Ikki Tousen in LIVAN.
He had all his limbs made of Phoenix Feather.
He had 12 socm's, but sold most to buy a Dragon Cuirass. (Muhaha 2 wands of cloning + 2 scrolls of charging)
He had equipped, at time of death:
Two Mithril boots +3
Two Phoenix Feather Gauntlets of Dexterity +4
The Shirt of the Golden Jaguar
A flaming Adamant Knight Sword +7
A Mithril Knight Sword +3
A Helmet of Brilliance
Amulet of Life Saving (Got beheaded, so it didn't work )
A Phoenix Feather thief's girdle +3
A Dragon Hide cloak of fire resistance
A ring of fire resistance
A ring of infravision

Astr - 80
Lstr - 80
Dex - 76 (unsure)
Agi - 69 (unsure)
Per - 13
End - 14
Int - 31
Wis - 28
Wil - 10
Cha - 11

Inventory items worth mentioning:
Chameleon Whip +7 (found like that on the ground )
Dragon Cuirass
Holy Hand Grenade
Wand of cloning x2 (both run dry though)

Important enemies defeated:
Jenny (duh)
Genefourx of whatever it is (in the plant level)
The whole of new attnam
The whole of Kazhad Arad (spelling?)
Enner Beast (at close range too)
Merka and his shop guards
A clone of myself

Death Message: Killed by the Wise Farmer in Gloomy Cave lv 8
Curse that Wise Farmer and his copper axe +10!

I had better bloody well find that bones file!!
And it seems that Japanese-esque names have a charm to them, because I made a new character called Minase San and he is doing almost as well as Ikki Tousen

Oh, and if you can tell me how, i'll upload that bones file for everyone
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Same system also show if person mounted on boar, elephant, polar bear etc.
Or if person mounted on ass.
Ivan find mounting on ass funny.
May 4, 2009, 4:34 pm
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Your bone files are in the Bones folder (which is in the main IVAN folder). Beyond *that*, though, I know of no way to distinguish one bones file from the next other than adding them one at a time to a fresh install and seeing what you get.
May 4, 2009, 4:44 pm
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Maybe check the "Date created" / "Date modified" on each bone file and upload the most recent one?
May 8, 2009, 9:42 pm
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You know I've never known why I actually made "The Wise Farmer". Looking back it doesn't seem to make sense.
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Jul 31, 2009, 2:35 pm
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Just the thread I registered for!

I had one of my best games going in a while on 0.50, and after getting arm strength up to 17 and end to 12, decided it was time to get myself belt of levitation. No reason in particular, I had already cleared minefield, just had not found a single belt in the entire game so far and figured it'd be good to have. So I filled myself up, picked up a few corpses and headed over to New Attnam. Huang Ming Pong got me on the first couple tries with cheap shots, so I thought "screw this, I'm gonna get him with this mithril bear trap."

Well, all that came of that was losing both of my arms. I was trying to play natural limbs this time, and hadn't had much luck with finding any good gods, but decided since I already lost them I might as well look for a book of Silva in Attnam and get some good replacements. On the way there, though, I got stuck in a spider web. Apparently spider webs have a dex check to get out, so I was hopelessly stuck with no arms, in and out of consciousness. Of course a spider comes along and slowly but surely poisons me to death on UT 2.

Why didn't I think it necessary to bring my adamant golem?!

Not the greatest game, but it had a lot of promise. Ended up being 13th on my highscore list, which I rarely make anymore.

The things I hope to find in a bones:

helmet of piercing perception +2
dragon hide cloak +1
meteoric steel chain +1
saal'thul +1
2 steel axes +3
2 wands of mirroring
2 scrolls of charging
almost 10 each scrolls of enchant armor and weapon

At least that golem won't be there to protect my corpse, but if only I had a whistle this wouldn't have happened...
Feb 28, 2010, 10:07 am
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I shall let this image to speak for itself.
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