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Ability to interact with gods. Specifically, it will increase the amount of relationship gained from a successful prayer, and decrease the amount of relationship lost from an unsuccessful prayer. It does not affect the time required between prayers, or the quality of rewards, although it will allow a player to gain favor faster, and thus access better rewards sooner.

Wisdom is also one of the two stats needed for Science Talking.


  • You need a minimum amount of wisdom in order to initiate a science talk with a character.
  • Higher wisdom causes your relationships with the gods to increase and decrease faster.
  • For AI controlled characters, a wisdom check determines whether they will do stupid things such as walk into acid, or eat/drink dangerous substances.
  • Levelling wisdom past certain thresholds will cause you to grow impressive facial hair.


The following actions will train the player's wisdom:

  • Science talking (+1000xp * ScienceTalkWisdomModifier / total number of science talks)
  • Reading the Large and Mysterious Saga of the Pantheon (+1000xp)
  • Eating Ommel Cerumen (+500xp * amount eaten)
  • Eating Ommel Bone (+500xp * amount eaten)
  • Successful prayer to Valpurus (+400xp)
  • Successful prayer to Mortifer (+400xp)
  • Kneeling at an altar and having a god send you an angel (+400xp)
  • Successful prayers to gods (+200xp)
  • Successful offerings to gods regardless of value (+150xp)
  • Reading a book (+150xp)
  • Eating a floating eye corpse (+150xp)
  • Attacking a floating eye and being knocked unconscious (+75xp)
  • Small chance of increase when kneeling before an altar of a god you have less than 500 relationship with (+75xp)
  • Eating the Holy Banana of Oily Orpiv (+1xp * amount eaten)

The following actions will reduce the player's wisdom:

  • Prayer to an angry god ("You feel X is angry") (-100xp)
  • Unsuccessful offering to a god ("X seems to not appreciate your gift at all") (-100xp)
  • Unsuccessful prayer to Valpurus (-50xp)
  • Unsuccessful prayer to Mortifer (-50xp)
  • Prayer to a displeased god (whether or not they help) (-50xp)
  • Chatting with yourself (-50xp)
  • Eating a frog (-5xp * amount eaten)