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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

During your exploration, your character may get various status effects. Depending on how you got the status, it may be permanent. Permanent states are written in blue below your character sheet, otherwise they are written in white. Not all status effects are shown by default, you may have to use a stethoscope to find out all the effects that influence you.

Most status effects can be permanent, but the way how to achieve this differs for the different effects.

List of Intrinsics

Name Effect Can be permanent?
Confused You may randomly fail to move straight, moving in random direction instead. You will fail to read magical texts. Yes
Detecting You will sometimes be prompted to detect a material. Yes
Disease Immunity You are immune to all the diseases. Yes
ESP Telepathic ability to detect intelligent creatures around you, even if they are invisible or behind a wall. Yes
Ethereal You can pass through solid objects and over water. Yes
Fasting Prevents death from starvation. Yes
Fearless Cancels Panicked status effect. Yes
Gas Immunity You are immune to the effects of various clouds. Yes
Hasted You are faster. Yes
Hiccups You have trouble concentrating on a task and many of your actions may be interrupted. No
Infravision Ability to detect warm-blooded creatures around you, even if they are invisible or behind a wall. Yes
Invisible You're invisible. Creatures need to have ESP or Infravision to detect you. Yes
Leprosy Your attributes will degrade over time and you will sometimes loose a limb. Yes
Levitating You hover above the ground. Yes
Life Saved You will survive your own death once. Yes
Lycanthropy You are periodically changing into a werewolf. Yes
Mindworm You have eggs in your brain. They will randomly confuse you as they feed on your thoughts, and eventually they will hatch. No
Panicked You are to freaked out to attack. No
Poisoned You take damage from poisoning. No
PolyControl Ability to choose which creature you polymorph into. Yes
Polymorphed You are polymorphed. Yes
Polymorphing You are polymorphing randomly. Yes
Polymorph Lock All polymorphing is prevented for you. Yes
Regeneration You will slowly regrow lost limbs. Yes
Searching Ability to detect hidden things, such as bear traps or land mines. Yes
Slowed You are slower. Yes
Swimming You can swim to cross water safely. Yes
Tapeworm A tapeworm is eating your food from within. Yes
TeleControl Ability to choose where you are landing when you teleport. Yes
Teleporting You get teleported randomly. Yes
Teleport Lock All teleporation is prevented for you. Yes
Vampirism Your unarmed attacks will drain enemy blood to heal you. Yes

Several other descriptive states can appear in your status line, such as Reading or Resting. They doesn't mean anything more or less than what they say.