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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Higher Charisma allows you to buy and sell items in shops for better prices.


  • Higher charisma means better prices when buying or selling at shops.
  • Very high charisma will cause your character to start sparkling.


The following actions will train your charisma:

  • Selling or buying an item (variable, dependant on price)
  • Science talking (+1000xp * variable modifier depending on character spoken to)
  • Consuming ommel tears (+500xp * amount)
  • Consuming ommel bone (+500xp * amount)
  • Idle chatter (not science talking) (+75xp)
  • Issuing commands to all visible pets (+50xp)
  • Issuing commands to a singular pet (+25xp)
  • Eating the holy banana of oily orpiv (+1xp * amount * 13)

The following actions will abuse your charisma:

  • Having leprosy (-25xp per tick)
  • Damage to your head (variable, can get stuck at 1 if head is severed)
  • Eating a frog (-amount eaten / 5 xp)


Wearing a helmet of attractivity will increase charisma, with each +1 bonus in AV also resulting in a +1 bonus to charisma