Leg Strength

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Higher Leg Strength lets you carry a heavier pack, and increases kick damage.

Carrying a heavy pack until you are Burdened or Stressed naturally trains your leg strength. Kicking things trains your leg strength also. Drinking Ommel Urine also raises Leg and Arm Strength

Instantly increase LStr with prosthetics (lose a limb and pray or use a Scroll Of Change Material on a limb)


  • Increases your maximum carrying capacity, which in turn increases the amount you can carry before becoming burdened or stressed
  • Increases your kick damage
  • Increases your chance to escape from sticky fluids
  • Reduces the amount of stamina it takes to kick
  • Reduces the amount of stamina it takes to run and increases how long you can run for before becoming tired


The following actions will train your leg strength:

  • Eating ommel bone (+500xp * amount)
    • Note: You will not normally be able to eat bone. Figure it out for yourself.
  • Drinking ommel urine (+500xp * amount)
  • Ascending stairs (+150xp)
  • Moving while carrying too much weight (+75/150xp burdened/stressed)
  • Kicking something (+75xp)

The following actions will reduce your leg strength:

  • Vomiting (-75xp)
  • Being hungry (-25/50/75xp per tick for hungry/very hungry/starving respectively)
  • Being unconscious (-50xp per tick)
  • Having leprosy (-25xp per tick)