TIL: Penny is useful

Dec 26, 2017, 7:51 am
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I managed to "break" the game without using any exploits. Well, I SOCM'd my limbs eventually, because I could, but still, look at my mental stats.

I body switched into a female slave, sacrificing some physical attributes for higher Int and Wis, then science talked to all NPCs I could, then went down to GC 8, where Praecantrix (henceforth refered to as Penny) summons necromancers and other critters. With some Dulcis and lyre of charm, I tamed the necromancers and science talked to them, until I could go to the dolphins and talk to those.

Then I SOCM'd my limbs and equipment, enchanted it, tamed some more necromancers and now I'm several times more intelligent than Izzy.

Well, I really hope overconfidence will not kill me against Xinroch.
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