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May 22, 2014, 1:21 pm
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I'm starting this thread for all our random and minor ideas about stuff that could be in the game, to have it all in one place. Please add your ideas and discuss them all, for our devs to have something to think about.

I'll start with some items proposals:

* weeping axes (like weeping blades but axes because we have no special axes and that's sad, and because weeping weapons are awsome)
* throwing net (entangles its target as is it got stuck in a web, if you escape it rather than tear it down, you can pick it up and re-use)
* armor of regeneration (increases your healing rate without increasing End, I think it might be interesting to play with low HP but very high regen rate and it might raise your threat level less than the higher HP)
* ring of sustain abilities (your stats cannot be raised nor lowered, that also negates gains from ommel stuff and losses from leprosy etc.)
* ring of detection (gives the Detecting status from CLIVAN)
* ring of light (has no special trait but is made of light crystal; half joke item, half extremely light and unbreakable light source)
* amulet of reflection (any beam type magic, e.g. from a wand, is reflected in opposite direction; has no effect on spells that affect only one square, like most dark mage spells)
* amulet of unchanging (locks the player in current form, preventing both polymorphing and reverting to the original form, yay for polyvictory!)
* amulet of stasis (prevents any spacetime dilatation around its wearer; that means that the player or monster cannot be slowed, hasted, teleported, item teleported or limb teleported by no means, temporary states like haste from the wand are dispelled, permanent like haste from wielding Justifier are suppressed until the amulet is unequipped)
* amulet of unbreathing (see Flames thread but also allows you to move through water)
* scroll of vitrification (changes the material of nearby walls into glass, can be used both for creating windows and for breaking through too hard walls)
* scroll of enchatnment (do we really need two types?)
* scroll of tinning (select an item, the material of that item will be placed into a can )
* wand of cold (deals damage and slows on hit, can give Frozen status after several consecutive hits, this status should act a bit like unconsciousness with damage over time, will freeze water into ice)
* wand of death (1-2 charges, made of plutonium; will instakill anything made of flesh it hits, but the ray bounces, golems, imps and other non-fleshy monsters are immune and named bosses only take some damage, do notimplement gnomes, please)
* wand of probing (ranged stethoscope, useful for safe evaluation of your enemy)
* wand of digging (for easy tunnels)
* unicorn horn (dropped by killed unicorns, can be applied to attempt to cure any bad status like poison, leprosy or lycanthropy, but can fail and has to recharge between uses)
* drum of earthquake (probably OP)
* endothermic lantern (has blue light and protects you from infravision as it sucks in your bodily heat)
* signed photograph of Elbereth (if anyone is standing on a square with dropped photo, any missed melee attack on him will have a chance to panic the attacker)
* cans of spinach (rare, will train AStr and LStr)
* bottles of raw liquified magic (refills MP)
* dwarven gas grenades of neurotoxin (knock unconscious)
* leyden jars (releases mighty electrical jolt upon breaking)

Also, what about porting kobold alchemists (and Eptyron) from CLIVAN into 0.51? Their soften material spell is simply diabolical and that's what I like about them. And while the rest of CLIVAN can be considered easier than vanilla, alchemists do have that badass feel IVAN needs. (And Eptyron is wonderful artefact axe where there is none in vanilla.)

Your thoughts?
May 22, 2014, 5:43 pm
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Actually I'm surprised we haven't had more double threads.

Anyway, there are some good ideas there.
May 23, 2014, 12:56 am
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Well, if any moderator feels like merging this into the older thread.
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