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  Issue Opened
issue Gas cloud over closed door may disappear Bug
#614 opened by red-kangaroo
Oct 19, 2020
issue "Warn about dangerous substances" option Enhancement
#612 opened by red-kangaroo
Aug 29, 2020
issue MIDI music issues Audio subsystem Bug
#611 opened by red-kangaroo
Aug 6, 2020
issue Interrupted crafting crash Bug Crafting subsystem Crash (player triggered)
#610 opened by red-kangaroo
Jun 23, 2020
issue Access to "New" Quests. Scoring limiter or quest lines coherence? Balancing Question
#484 opened by AquariusPower
Sep 3, 2018
issue DEFINITE or INDEFINITE, the bits look wrong?
#607 opened by AquariusPower
Jun 5, 2020
issue Worldmap features Suggestion
#604 opened by red-kangaroo
May 24, 2020
issue Splitting a stick causes a crash. Bug Crafting subsystem Crash (player triggered)
#574 opened by Coolthulhu
Nov 23, 2019
issue bitmap::DrawLine() may draw outside it's boundaries when the Wide line option is enabled causing SEGFAULT Bug Crash (spontaneous)
#590 opened by AquariusPower
Apr 5, 2020
issue Wife #5, who is supposed to be unable to speak, says "I thank you for your little gift" like all the other wives in Petrus' harem when given a gift Bug
#602 opened by Spessmen14
May 21, 2020
issue Multiple quest-critical items can be dismantled via the crafting system. Bug Crafting subsystem
#603 opened by Spessmen14
May 21, 2020
issue Reduce the size of the world map Suggestion
#584 opened by capristo
Mar 18, 2020
issue Some options make the game easier, therefore some info about them should be shown at the high score list (even if like a code/bitFlag).
#594 opened by AquariusPower
Apr 24, 2020
issue One save crashes ~20sec after loading, crashes immediately after loading in Safe Mode
#593 opened by godscloset
Apr 20, 2020
issue "Player can't be found anywhere" bug Bug
#591 opened by capristo
Apr 7, 2020
issue Mana (MagicPower) usage:
#586 opened by AquariusPower
Mar 23, 2020
issue Arrow Keys don't work on alternative layout
#585 opened by travankor
Mar 21, 2020
issue More info when looking at items on floor Suggestion
#588 opened by capristo
Mar 27, 2020
issue enchanced lights vs tiny crystal lumps
#469 opened by AquariusPower
Aug 2, 2018