Optional Dwarf Town?

Nov 20, 2018, 10:44 pm
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So I randomly had an idea last night, of a Dwarf Fortress Castle, or DC for short, ruled by Supe Soup, the Dwarf of Steel. Those commanders that veteran kamikazes mention? There's three of them, Batt (who will tell you he's working on the Batballoon Mk II, the first one having popped on its maiden voyage), Wander (who uses whips), and Flashy (the fastest dwarf around).

As Attnam is inhabited by hunters, farmers and housewives, DC is inhabited by wrestlers (who have competitions about wrestling pants off), miners (equipped with pickaxes), and retired kamikazes (who have missing limbs).

The town boasts a shop, a tavern run by a gruff barkeep where you can see (dwarf) strip shows, and a forge that basically works as a SoCM so long as you have said raw material and the item you wish to reforge. You want a valpurium flaming sword? Bring your flaming sword and a lump of valpurium. There's also a factory where they manufacture backpacks, mines and grenades, as well as bear traps and lanterns (where do you think they all come from?).

How do you find this place? Well, you need a rare, green crystal lantern (can you make one with SoCM or not?) and take it to Sparky in Attnam, the retired kamikaze dwarf with no legs and balls of steel. He'll tell you where to find it!
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Nov 21, 2018, 2:23 pm
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