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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Found exclusively in the Cathedral in Attnam, the only thing these finny females do besides provide a source of disturbing humor (as they are next to the high priests' human harem) is to raise your Wisdom and Intelligence to insane levels via Science Talking. They drop no items upon death, cannot leave their tiny pool and pose no threat unless you are dumb enough to stand on the edge.

Female Dolphin in Season
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 10
Leg Strength N/A
Dexterity N/A
Agility 30
Endurance 10
Perception 30
Intelligence 100 Abilities
Wisdom 100
Charisma 30
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 300 Swimming

Science Talking requirements: 50 Int, 50 Wis.