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Development color key



Future goal

Partially Done

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Development color key



Future goal

Partially Done

Done, Next Release

Done, Released

(With apologies to Tarn and Zach Adams at Bay 12 Games)

Canonical development plans

These have been recovered from the original developers' planning files.

Cities and Dungeons



  • Mounts

Version Requirements

Minimum requirements per 0.01 release increment.

Every version must henceforth include one new feature from every one of these categories:

  • fountain effects
  • banana jokes
  • special monsters
  • special items
  • special materials
  • Monty Python jokes
  • insults
  • diseases

Every other version is ok for these:

  • traps
  • states other than diseases

(source: CVS doc/Work/Version Requirements)

Pro-canonical plans

Canonical plans suggested after the departure of the original devs.

IvanCon plans

These plans were determined by J_Kahvi and the IVAN community at the first IvanCon:

IvanCon plans

Player mood system with HUD graphics for facial expressions (like DooM)

  • Graphics are ready (Ernomouse has them)
  • Various levels of panic (morale paniced <-> psycho)
  • Berzerk mood
  • Animated face of the player
  • when high on mushroom, new face
  • One for every mood

Male and female chars are different


Magic system

  • ESP/telekinesis kind, no fireballs and other cliches (ex. lift a sword and use it to attack)
  • Shouldn't be based on Mana (something else than mana-point based system)
  • eg. travel through walls but no objects can be carried/worn, player leaves his body and inventory behind and turns into a ghost, should the body rot if you're away too long?
  • ghost items
  • amulet of astral projection
    • magical mushroom gas could result in Astral projection
  • if mana drops low, it'd cause bizarre things
  • eaten items could enhance spells (Nethack?)


  • the player will have to sleep
  • dreams
    • the player could gain things from dreams
    • affect food burning rate; Affect stats; Affect item spawning rate
    • finding spells only from the dreams
    • dream world

Dig up or down (Escaping up/downwards)

A new quest

  • Retrieve a hammer from the catacombs
  • Smith gives you a key to petruses wives
  • Sex with one of them -> pregnancy (3 days?); What if you're female?
  • Sacrifice the child and become Valpuri's champ
  • If groin gets scarred a lot, you might get infertile (Magical way of restoring fertility)
  • Probably Petruses children could be sacrificed instead, as a harder guest

Player classes

  • Might not be needed

More comments to the code are needed

  • Someone should write a guide to code files

There is a power chart for balancing weapons

  • Accuracy, power, sturdiness
  • Frequency of appearance is used to balance the power
  • Add features -> play testing

Steppingstone material between meteorite steel adamantine

  • The int requirement takes a huge leap

Every weapon class should have an artifact

  • More special items would be nice too (f.ex. flaming sword)
  • WIP --Red kangaroo (talk) 17:13, 18 October 2017 (UTC)

Trophy items and NPC's for people who contribute a lot to IVAN (there are plenty of examples already)

Different types of damage

  • Slash, point, blunt, burn
  • Variance between different weapons
  • Works diffeerently on f.ex. armour

Ranged weapons would get more reasonable to have

  • sling for blunt
  • bow for point

Items and limbs made of f.ex. gas

  • A weapon: "Fan"
  • Steam powered Vacuum cleaner (effective against ghosts, insects, thrown items)

Monsters could be put into items

  • Iron maiden, Cage traps
  • The problem is to make the charachter disappear
  • Could be handled as f.ex. traps?

A cloud of insects (fireflies, locusts?)

  • The catacombs could have lots of insects

You could have a conversation with the gods

Ighalli's god system

  • effects should be balanced somehow, so that better effects need better relations
  • bad effects
  • god requesting an offer for some favours
  • lifestyle choises could effect god relations

blood contains a lot of iron


  • Ghosts that disenchant items
  • Ghost that eats anything in the way
  • Invisible chars leave invis. ghosts

Chaostroms Zombie torso riddance idea

  • Limit the torso animation rate to third or quarter of what it is now
  • When the groin is severed, the torso cannot turn into a zombie any more

Convert all graphics to 32x32 (J_Kahvi could probably do it)

  • Opens possibilities to f.ex. turning into a big monster??
  • Would double the objects available
  • midget objects
  • wand of object enlargement
  • Midget tunnels and dungeons (Gulliver)
  • Create new midget monsters from the existing 16x16 graphics
  • midgets handle as groups, so you'd attack all the midgets in one square, they still could move freely about

Individual throwing accuracy for all items

Moods on the dungeon ("quite like underground weather")

  • magical weather, tiring weather, hungering weather

Level dynamics

  • Too much mining would collapse the level above (Dwarf Fortress style)
  • generate not only the level you enter, but the ones next to it
  • The catacombs should have a different algorithm than the GC and UT

Spreading fire which generates smoke

  • Smoke clouds should have a intensity modifier
  • In towers and towns wind should blow away the smoke and spread the fire

Insect clouds

  • Insects could act as clouds that move randomly
  • Beehive that grows... O god!
    • bug room
    • makes a nice practice thing

Side dungeons that go sideways

Monty Python

  • llamas
  • dead parrot
  • the killer rabbit
    • a little chance of a killer rabit spawning from adult mutant rabbits mating
  • witches that weigh the same as a duck
    • duck flesh and witch flesh

Dungeon types

  • Tower dungeon
    • very open levels
    • wind, going against the wind would be taxing or slowing
    • illusions of f.ex. floor tiles
    • you should be able to escape the tower by jumping outside
    • if the player walks on a floor made of air then he will fall down a level, until he hits something solid
    • Damage based on falling distance
    • can't progress backwards
    • wind blow would affect large and unencumbered creatures more
    • if you jump or fly, you'd automatically get blown a certain amount with the wind
    • this way small creatures could find secret dungeons
    • tower made of balsa
    • if the player weighs too much, the floor breaks
    • For a cloack you could wear a Dwarven parachute, which radically decreases falling damage
  • Small alien side dungeon
    • Based on the frenchmen's alien mod
  • Astral projection dungeon
    • only accessible as a ghost
    • astral projections could carry only one item
    • only one revard could be brought outside, in case the side quest would be accessible only once
    • wizard hiding from something in an astral plane
    • his body is f.ex. suspended into a nearby statue
    • constantly exploding level as the entrance
    • explosions triggering every moment
    • ghosts could be immune to explosions
    • ghosts could move between levels without stairs (see digging up and down)
  • Midget dungeon


  • Wand using monster
  • Poltergeist monster
  • Insect cloud monstertype that you cannot attack by normal melee attack


  • Fan (blows away insects and ghosts)
  • Steampowered vacuum cleaner (sucks in insects and ghosts)
    • Instead of steam powered, it could be basically just a captured Eddie; when it breaks, the Eddy comes out...
  • Wand of unlocking / locking (closes unlocked and unlocks the closed doors)
  • Dwarven parachute
  • Rubber boots that boost electricy resistance
  • HUGE morningstar type weapon
  • weapons destroying walls? You can kick them...
  • Weapon tweaks
    • The stethoscope is a bit strong as a weapon
    • Gauntlets don't use unarmed skill (if they're wielded as weapons, maybe they shouldn't either)
    • Wielded gloves should affect unarmed skill and worn gauntlets should do extra damage

Four Mountains

  • By JKahvi
  • More here.

Later community development plans

These plans are a combination of current developers' plans and ideas by community.

SquashMonster's legendary thread


Individual developers


  • holy hand grenade
  • Ghosts apperance could vary
    • Appearance saved when dying
    • Blue and small transparence
  • Should full helmets dampen sound
    • The less dense a material is, the better sound barrier it is
  • Shops shouldn't have locked doors without warning
    • when the shop is put into a room, change the locked doors next to it into unlocked ones


  • Another route to Attnam might be nice [SCRAPPED IDEA]
    • Not sure if it's necessary, as there already are alternate ways

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