The Cathedral of Attnam


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''"You see here an overgrown ruins of an ancient fortress."''
This [[Dungeons|location ]] will only appear on your [[World Map|map ]] after you speak to [[Lord Mittrars]] in the [[Castle of Aslona]]. The layout is similar to other dungeon levels with a couple of notable exceptions:
===Salt Cave===
A truly ''enormous'' dungeon level with rock salt [[Rock Salt]] walls and salt [[Salt]] floors.
===Goblin Hideout===
The last level containing , it contains a room with a large number of [[goblinsgoblin]], s including a goblin prince on a [[goblin princegold]] on a golden en throne. There is also ; a jail room containing with a neutral goblin, a [[Guard|castle guard]] and [[Artorius]] the kidnapped prince; and a storage room with a lot of treasure, but also two goblin warlocks.  The jailed guard must charmed like any other NPC while , but the prince can be 'tamed' simply by chatting with him. You will somehow need to get the price out of here safely to finish Lord Mittrars' [[Quests#Kidnapped Prince|quest]].


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