The Cathedral of Attnam


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== Tomb of Xinroch ==
''This quest can only be started AFTER delivering the encrypted scroll to Petrus but BEFORE talking to him again to get the quest for killing Elpuri.''
=== Shadow Veil Retrieval ===
If you gave the encrypted scroll talk to the imprisoned necromancer in the Cellar of the Cathedral of Attnam, he reveals to you the location of the legendary [[Tomb of Xinroch]], the final resting place of the greatest dark knight who ever lived, whose life story you can read [[History of Dark Knighthood|here]]. You will be sent on a quest to find the fabled [[shadow veil]], an artifact cloak capable of enabling living creatures to pass through walls yust like ghosts do. The imprisoned necromancer plans to use this cloak to escape from his prison.
Should you delve into the Tomb of Xinroch, find the shadow veil and then return with it to the necromancer, he will brand you with a brand of undeath that will allow you to continue deeper into the Tomb, where even more danger awaits. Even if you die afterwards, though, you will gain a 2x multiplier to your score for delivering the shadow veil.
''This quest can only be started AFTER delivering the encrypted scroll to Petrus but BEFORE talking to him again to get the quest for killing Elpuri.''
Sir Lancelyn seeks help from Attnam in Petrus' court for his home kingdom of Aslona. The [[Seges]]-worshipping seaside kingdom is facing numerous crises and looming civil war after the mysterious death of King Othyr. Speaking to Sir Lancelyn and accepting his task will begin the quest.  Two locations will be revealed on the [[world-map]]: the [[Rebel Camp]] led by [[Harvan Black-cloak]], and Castle the [[Castle of Aslona]] itself, under the de facto rule of His Excellency [[Efra Peredivall]], Lord Regent of Aslona. Both leaders suspect the other of murdering the king. Speaking to the Lord Regent in Aslona will lead to three tasks to aid Aslona, though the player may choose to support the rebellion by bringing the results of these tasks to the rebels.
As these quests require visting various locations on the worldmap which may or may not be confined to a single continent, accepting the Aslona quest-line questline from Sir Lancelyn in Attnam grants the player access to his ship , allowing movement across ocean squares even without [[levitation ]] or [[swimming]], activated by moving into an ocean square and choosing to "board ship y/n?". This does ''not'' grant movement across [[water ]] within cities or dungeons[[dungeon]]s, only world-map the worldmap ocean. The ship grants ocean movement not only to the player, but his entire team allowing (relatively) easy movement of entire armies to other islands and continents.
=== Kidnapped Prince ===
 [[Lord Mittrars]], the field marshal of Aslona , explains that [[Artorius|the king's son and heir]] was away from the kingdom at the time of King Othyr's death. The prince was recalled to the castle but has been captured by goblins[[goblin]]s, and the player is asked to rescue him from the [[Goblin Fortress]].
=== Fresh Water Supplies ===
This quest is given by [[Senex]], the priest of [[Seges]] found in the castleCastle's temple. The objective is to retrieve a [[weeping obsidian shard]] found at from the bottom of the [[Fungal Caves]].
=== The Nuke ===
[[Myrddin Wyllt]] will give you a quest to find a device from "the long lost empire of Otoul'iv Ik-Omit"*. It is at the top lowest level of the [[Pyramid]].
=== Regalia of Aslona ===


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