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Strength 200
Flexibility 50
Density 1500
Deity Mellis
Softens to -
Hardens to -
Int Req 0

An odd, black effervescent liquid from another plane of existence, drinking this will increase your perception but deal direct damage to your torso.

Drinking pepsi also moves your alignment towards chaotic.

Can only be found in a can in the possession of Oree the Blood Daemon King.

Drinking Pepsi produces the message "Urgh. You feel your guruism fading away..."

As a fluid, Pepsi can not be used for golem material, nor can it be created using a scroll of change material.

Being killed by drinking pepsi produces the death message "[player] was poisoned by pepsi."


Several lore files written by the developers about their adventures reveal that their drink of choice is Coke, rather than Pepsi. In fact, Coke is something equivalent to Attnam's holy water - thus it makes sense that Oree, the most evil entity in the game has possession of a can of Pepsi instead.