Mutant Ass

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

"Previously we could use donkeys to carry the bananas. Then one day Attnamese tested a fierce magical bomb nearby. All the asses mutated horribly and started attacking us. The donkeys, I mean, not the colonists." - Kaethos the village elder

Glowing donkeys with Polymorph-inducing flesh. Their glowing blood glows (What a surprise!) so it can be used as a light source.

Stats and Equipment

Mutant Ass
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 20
Leg Strength n/a
Dexterity n/a
Agility 4
Endurance 15
Perception 15
Intelligence 5 Abilities
Wisdom 5
Charisma 5
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 150 Glow
HP 45