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Movement keys

Use arrow keys, or:

Basic:  Alt:    NetHack:
 7 8 9   7 8 9   y k u
 4   6   u   o   h   l
 1 2 3   j k l   b j n

Help: ?

You may also press F1 in any menu to display help for the currently highlighted option.

Apply: a

Apply item

Apply again: A

Apply last item again

Chat: C

Close: c

Craft: F

Dip: !

dip into liquid

Drink: D

Taste: T

taste a bit of liquid

Drop: d =

Eat: e

Engrave: G

engrave ground or add map notes

Equipment: E

equipment screen

Go: g


Go down: >

Go up: <

Command team: I

Kick: K

Look: L

Map: m

Assign name: n

Offer: f

Open: O

Pick up: ,

Pray: p

Quit: Q

quit and abandon

Read: r

Rest: h

Save: S

Scroll down: +

Scroll up: -

Options: \

Inventory: i

Message history: M

Skills: @

Search: s

Sit down: _

Swap weapons: x

Swapping menu: X

Throw: t

Run: U

Vomit: V

Wait: .

Wield: w/W

Zap: z

Wizard Mode

Wizardry: ;

Auto-play: ~

Raise stats: 1

Lower stats: 2

See whole map: 3

Walk through walls: 4

Know all gods: "

God relation up: 5

God relation down: 6

Gain all items: $

Secret knowledge: *

Detach a limb: 0

Ignite a limb: ]

Summon monster: &

Level teleport: |

Possess: {

Polymorph: [