Why do lightning bolts always hit me in the dick

Sep 3, 2017, 8:43 pm
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Anytime I zap a Wand of Lightning and it ricochets back to hit me, I always get hit in the dick. What in the world causes this? What is some good groin armor I can find to insulate my nethers from further shock? Do capes protect the groin or is it only chest armor?

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Sep 4, 2017, 11:51 am
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Shit luck I guess. Cloaks are very useful as they apply AC to every bodypart. Having a source of electricity resistance will help too. Not getting hit with lighting will help most.
Sep 4, 2017, 10:51 pm
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Lol. Good post. Belts will help protect your groin area the most.
Oct 2, 2017, 4:26 pm
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If I remember right this was actually due to a quirk with how the game determines which bodypart to hit when taking damage, since electrical attacks are able to hit all bodyparts.
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