IVAN history/archaeology

Oct 12, 2017, 12:26 am
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Taking this out of the vomit attack thread. For reference, the discussion has been about when (and by who) the IVAN source code was ported from C to C++. I have memories of it being me, but can't dig up the forum conversation I had with one the original IVANdevs when I was trying to port the code in order to write the Acid Shield.

chaostrom wrote
One way to find out. Is the basic script course by the original devs in C++?

Missed this my first pass through. This isn't actually in C or C++, since it mostly has to do with the script files and not the code itself. However, it references some .cpp files which indicates that (at least in September 2006) the source code had been ported to C++. However, I took the computer maintenance course (my reference point for the timeline in my memory) sometime between sept 2004 and nov 2005, so that's not really a great indicator.
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