I finally did it!

Jul 27, 2014, 1:23 pm
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Got my first completely legitimate, natural limbed High Priest victory last night (the only other one was in CLIVAN with phoenix feather limbs and banana/library exploits, and was pretty much pure luck as I blindly hacked away at everything). I also patched out the perma-state bug for extra fun.

Prayed to chaotic gods, from Mellis to Cruentus. At one point Scabies gave me 5 cans of school food, which I didn't know could happen.

Took out all the named baddies except for Sherry (who never showed up), and of course Izzy (who thankfully didn't show up). I tamed Ur-Khan with a wand of resurrection after I killed him on GC9, but he didn't follow me through the portal even though he was standing next to me, I guess because the room it spawned me in in GC10 didn't have room for my whole party. GC11 had the mage and golem rooms, and as such was the only floor that I rushed through without exploring.

It was the first time I managed to defeat Oree and make it back to Attnam without losing my chest full of goodies, thanks in large part to a mistress torturing chief that Nefas gave me early on, who by the end could probably have taken on Sherry had she spawned. Sadly she died to the mages in Oree's lair, and I didn't have any wands of resurrection left.

Good thing you can't accidentally turn these mistresses against you...

Once I got back to Attnam I went and picked up Ur-Khan, on the way running across Guugzamesh (poor guy always spawns too late, when he doesn't stand a chance), and as I was leaving GC9 got lucky and ran into ZQ-29, giving me some cloning charges which I used to make extra wands to take on Attnam.

Petrus wasn't too bad; he got close to killing me a couple times, but I had an AoLS, which I didn't end up needing. The only other ones who could have been a problem were Galladon and Inlux, but Galladon got killed in the crossfire while I was fighting Petrus, and by the time I got to Inlux she had no weapon for some reason. None of the rest of my party (Ur-Khan, the mystic light frogs, the 4 elite guards, a mystic dark frog, and the floating eye, which I always tame now) survived the battle.

I got a wish from one of the lamps in the treasury, but I didn't need it at that point so I just took an AoLS, then went and summoned a pair of mithril golems to keep me company as I took the throne.

Final gear:

My only regrets are the fact that whips are indestructible (feels a bit cheap since they're so fast and accurate; I've added in breakable whips for future playthroughs), and that I didn't drink my bottle of Valdemar before sitting on the throne.

Final score: 933105
Jul 27, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Sweet, congrats! I should tame more, I usually don't because I feel like they just get in your way.
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