Fastest IVAN win (0.5.4)

Jan 21, 2016, 10:58 am
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I killed Petrus and took his nut in less than 4000 turns and although I cannot confirm this yet, I am pretty sure that makes this the fastest IVAN run ever recorded.

How? I'll explain.

I usually try to find exploits in games to see how hard I can break the game, but NewIVAN (the github version I found about less than two months ago, great job guys!) stumped me. I managed to kill Oree in .5.3 using the usual tactics, stacking dex&agility and teleporting monsters and myself every odd turn with my wand, blasting him with striking from afar. However, I've had trouble killing Petrus, since he usually gets a hit on me when I talk to him and refuse to give him the shirt, which more than once lead to me dying right at the very end of the game after most of the hard work was done. So I decided to kill him another way!

A few days back I had tried to kill Ikiros, the smith by planting a big mine in front of him, slapping two wands of acid rain on the same tile and getting a silva-summoned wolf or a mistress to jump on it, to get access to early rings of RF, a cloak of RF and those stupendous +4 gloves of dexterity. I wasn't disappointed, even if it took me a few tries. I used a similar trick with the patrolling guard in Attnam (only this time a single big bomb was enough to kill him) to grab his beautiful helm of piercing perception early. Basically with a couple mines and wands, you've got yourself some extremely good gear by day 1/2, in a similar way to the old invisible guard charming trick (which was of course, fixed).

The real trick though, after trying both these things, was to actually make a deathtrap in the cathedral. Everything that could harm him, from dropped wands of polymorph (which won't work on him because justifier gives polycontrol) to mines, disappears immediately without a trace. I couldn't make a trail of mirrored backpacks up to the cathedral to trigger an explosion. Skunk smell wouldn't work, since petrus is poison resistant. Vapourized magic would be useless, either. So I thought of the single item everyone dreads when seeing a dwarf grenadier. The horrible, terrible dwarven grenade of mustard gas. Things changed quickly after that.

The thing with the grenade is that if you throw it, everyone in the city will get mad at you, and for good reason. That thing KILLS. You just cannot resist it, unless you don't have a nose or you're wearing IVAN's mask. So I decided to try it on petrus.

He resisted.

Actually he got STRONGER, because while it did hurt him quite a lot, I can only believe that his endurance was trained by doing that. So after waiting for the cloud to dissipate, you can understand my shock when I saw he had almost doubled his health. That's when I thought to combine TWO grenades together and make them explode at the same time. But of course, the real question here is: "How did you manage to explode a granade in front of the High Priest without eliciting not even a sneeze from everyone in Attnam?"

Dwarves. The answer is always dwarves. Bless those little exploding bastards.

Alright, that's enough for introduction, let's get to the actual juicy part: "How do I do it"?

Basically, you need to kill the armorer first to do it fast (<2000 turns), with the method I explained before. There's several ways, don't just copy my method, think of one yourself! That's part of the fun.

Once you have armor that can resist an explosion, (that is, a RF cloak and a RF ring plus a good body armor), you can start this strategy.

You only need a single scroll of taming, plus two dwarven grenades of mustard gas.

>Read taming next to a dwarven kamikaze group, one will fall under your spell.
>Give the kamikaze the grenades
>Get hasted
>Make the dorf follow you right NEXT to petrus
>get that kamikaze dwarf angry.
Now there's different options
>zap him with slow from afar to make him mad (extremely dangerous because you will get in the gas explosion radius)
>charm a guard or a villager, make him follow you and then when both of your allies are near petrus, hit the guard with slow to make him hostile, to make your allied dwarf attack him (read, explode himself) in front of Petrus [this is the most reliable method] or a wolf [moves too fast to be perfectly sure the dwarf will be one tile away from petrus]

Once you have ignited the dwarf, there will be a double-thick mustard gas cloud surrounding a neutral Petrus. He will die, as seen in the picture, and drop his left nut.

Nobody in attnam is mad at this. Even if you pick up the nut.

There's also a way to grab his loot, too. Simply use another scroll of taming to charm another dwarf, then give him a wand of teleportation. Attack him when he's standing on Petrus' loot pile and hope it lands anywhere but in the cathedral. This is a great way to grab justifier, by the way. You could also grab all the loot, wield justifier and zap yourself into a corner of the map, to escape quickly. Of course, you won't be able to win since you need to drop the nut and you already killed Petrus so you can't go for a regular win, but hey. Free justifier. Don't you want to slice those kobolds with a +16 valpurium sword that gives nearly every buff in the game?

Well, I hope you liked this! Honestly <4000 is not THAT fast when you think about it, I could have always gone faster.

YOU could go faster! Why don't you try it yourself? Be the fastest guy to have ever won IVAN!

Here's the images.

Sanic out.
Jan 21, 2016, 6:37 pm
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Congrats on the win.

The mustard gas exploit isn't exactly new, but since I haven't played the newer development builds I didn't know (or forgot) they specifically made changes to make throwing gas grenades turn Attnam hostile.
I personally wrote out a guide on exploiting mustard gas grenades for IVAN CVS and LIVAN six years ago. It's also on the wiki. That's probably why they changed it, heh.
I really like the fact you've found a new and much more interesting method to work around the changes to gas Petrus though, that's super neat and, as a result, might get patched out now
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