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Posted by vasiliy, Sep 6, 2010 at 1:56 am
added some info to the first post; added credits to AUTHORS file.
Posted by vasiliy, Sep 5, 2010 at 8:55 pm
tnx, but it really doesn't matter at all, 'cause there are no proper credits yet. i know the origins, but i'm porting things from IVANX, so i mentioned IVANX. i can change the description if it really matters for anyone. but i think that this is of no value, 'cause i doubt anybody will be able to build my fork anyway.

besides, they aren't working yet.
Posted by vasiliy, Sep 5, 2010 at 8:24 pm
windows binaries: 2017, Nov, 7

yes, i know that there are enough of them already, but here is mine. let's name in k8IVAN.

basically, it's official CVS plus backports from LIVAN (IVANX), CLIVAN (additional dungeons, monsters, npcs and weapons), and comm. fork, plus some UI improvements and other small things i like to change.

and what is cool, it compiles with g++ 5.3 without warnings!

bad news:
• GNU/Linux and m$ windoze (but i'm not sure you can build it itself, especially for windoze);
• build system based on my fork of JAM;
• all bug reports and feature requests will happily go to /dev/null (well, almost all);
• except if you want to get credits, 'cause i used your code;
• development process is not very active — i can forget about it for ten years and then SUDDENLY! decide to add some useless feature;
• source code style slowly mutating to mine (so no easy diffs for other forks).

ah, i nearly forgot to tell you where you can get it: here it is!

if you want to try it (GNU/Linux only):
• you need to guess where my fork of JAM build tool can be downloaded, download it and build it;
• then you need to downoad source code;
• then you need to build I.V.A.N.;
• then you need to execute binary;
• then you will see cool segfault.

or just download the sources and use shell script.

or just download self-contained windoze build from the attachement.

entities can be extended or redefined. just prepend item name with 'Redefine' or 'Extend' keywords.
it is useful for modding — it allows to avoid editing of the original item.dat. 'Extend' can add new configs or alter parameters, 'Redefine' allows completely redefine already defined items.

btw, my fork will report unknown chars/items instead of segfaulting.


bye, and happy hacking.

BTW: i will never port 3D mode, don't even dream about it.

for all linux users: i added shell script which can be used to build binary without my build system. you will need SDL, SDL_Mixer for sound and libpng1.6.

p.s. Vasiliy is good communist. good communists never learn English.
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