K8IVAN windows builds

Nov 2, 2017, 9:21 am
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i decided to start providing windows builds of my fork again! go to the correspoinding topic, and read the first post there. it should contain the date of release, and the latest win32 build.

also, i used this as an excuse to make a post here.

for those who still don't know what K8IVAN is, a brief:
this is a fork based on CVS (not on comm. version), with CLIVAN and other forks content added. it also contains some content from comm. version too. also, it has alot of improvements in interface, smart 'g'o command, d'U'mp command for liquids, mod system, and some bugfixes not yet backported to comm. version. what it lacks, tho, is proper balance. and fire system from comm. version, 'cause i'm still not sure if i want it.
Nov 4, 2017, 2:18 am
Joined: Sep 5, 2010
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small update:
• fixed crash with ctrl+arrows in wilderness (in dungeon, ctrl+arrow will invoke 'g'o command).
• OpenGL renderer is mandatory now; also, use power-of-two texture, so older intel videocard emulators will work too.
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