64-bit IVAN

Aug 3, 2014, 10:33 pm
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I was finally able to get IVAN to run in 64-bit without segfaulting during savefile loading, thanks to dlbeswick, who solved the problem 2 years ago, but whose post was lost in the depths of the forum.

I updated the repo, as it's an important fix for Linux and OS X users (btw, if anyone here uses either, please test this out to make sure it works and that my tests weren't all flukes; I'll provide help/instructions if anyone wants). It doesn't really affect windows as much since mingw gives you a 32-bit executable anyways, though it would be required for anyone who is using a 64bit compiler. Cross compiling as 32-bit on linux was a bitch though, so this should be much better.

Also, highscore files created by 32-bit IVAN executables might not be compatible, though I'm not sure of this yet.
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