Ommel Urine

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Ommel Urine
Strength 1
Flexibility 50
Density 1000
Deity Nefas
Softens to -
Hardens to -
Int Req 0
Notes Drinking Ommel Urine will increase your arm and leg strength.

It glows with a yellowish light, and comes in bottles.

If poured into a can, Ommel Urine makes a light weight, unbreakable light source.

Ommel Urine can be cloned, but not mirrored.

Ur-Khan the Orc Marshal carries four bottles of Ommel Urine. It is not ideal to use wands or other sorts of explosions against him, or his bottles with this valuable fluid will shatter.

Mellis will sometimes fill your empty bottles with Ommel Urine when you pray to him. This is very rare though.

Ommel Urine is dedicated to Nefas; as such she will, very rarely, add a bottle to your inventory when you pray to her.

As a fluid, Ommel Urine can not be used for golem material, nor can it be created using a scroll of change material.