Kamikaze Dwarf

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As their name says - kamikazes.

The dwarves are of main reasons to have fire resistance - they carry a Backpack full of gun powder and will try to rush you and ignite the pack once in melee range. They also have a religious book of a their god, yet it is mostly destroyed in the explosion. Since they cannot see invisible, invisibility is one of the better ways to deal with them. Fire resistance is also a useful alternative, but you still risk wand explosions and equipment loss. Without any means to protect yourself against kamikaze dwarves, you can easily expect to be blown to pieces when the danger level is high enough.

Stats and Equipment

Kamikaze Dwarf of (random god) KamikazeDwarf.gif
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 20
  • Backpack full of gunpowder
  • Holy book
Leg Strength 20
Dexterity 20
Agility 20
Endurance 15
Perception 18
Intelligence 10 Abilities
Wisdom 5 Chatting, Eating, Kicking, Reading, Vomiting
Charisma 10
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 130
HP 65

Veteran Kamikaze Dwarf of (random god) VeteranKamikazeDwarf.gif
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 30
  • Backpack full of gunpowder
  • Holy book
Leg Strength 30
Dexterity 30
Agility 30
Endurance 22
Perception 27
Intelligence 4 Abilities
Wisdom 3 Chatting, Eating, Kicking, Reading, Vomiting
Charisma 15
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 130 Chance of being invisible past 30 in-game days, always invisible after day 50.
HP 142

Any mortal who sets out to make a name for him or herself in the world of IVAN will eventually catch the notice of the gods. And unfortunately that will include making at least one of them angry at you, as they can get mad for as little as simply having the favor of other gods. Apparently even deities get jealous!

A god that had become mad enough at you may deploy veteran suicide bombers - reborn kamikaze dwarves carrying an increased amount of explosives - and the blast from their suicidal detonation is devastating. Deal with them by either being incredibly fire resistant (at least two rings, or a ring and a cloak) or at a distance with wands of lightning, striking, or fireballs. The latter two will set off the dwarf's explosives.


  • Being on good terms with the patron deity of a kamikaze dwarf will not prevent the dwarf from blowing into your face!
  • Kamikaze dwarves can make interesting pets. With their gunpowder taken away, they tend to beat enemies with their holy books or any weapon you give them and especially the veterans are sturdy enough to give a good fight.